It's 8am and I becoming so excited I can hardly control it. You are probably wondering why, and it's really not something new, it's all because Thanksgiving is tomorrow.

I love excuses for family to get together, and there is turkey involved? Count me in. I also love the fact that I have three Thanksgiving dinners to attend. Two on thursday (the official day) and one on friday.

I love all of my family (schuberts included) and I am so thankful to have them in my life. I think that is the major thing I am so thankful for this year. My family has become my very best friends and I care for every single one of them so so much.

In other news, Last weekend was incredibly awesome. Mostly because I went on a bike ride with my mom and Daniel. It was seriously difficult and my bottom still hurts. It was so much fun though, my mom is really fit, she kept up the whole time. Not that I doubted her, just stating a fact. If anyone has ever felt the muscle on her legs, you would know, they are solid as a rock (reminds me of Arrested Development).

Anyways bike rides are the best.

So I have thursday and friday off this week and I will probably get off work at noon today, which is awesome. AND I only spent 1 and 1/2 days at work this week. AWESOME. Easiest week ever. Daniel says that it's really going to be hard for us when I am back to my regular routine of 5 days a week. He'll miss seeing me on fridays and mondays, and I'll miss sleeping in until 9:30am and not getting ready until noon. It's ok though, because I had three long weekends in a row and I feel very rested and ready to work my bottom off.

That's all for now. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! I can't wait to stuff myself silly.


daniel said...

well its about time for a new post. I know i can't wait for tomorrow and this weekend, i love seeing all the famlies too. Tomorow is going to be a busy busy day but i know its going to be alot of fun.
I had a wonderful time on the bike ride as well. we need to go on another ride with your mom soon.

A Couple of Pearls said...

I'm ready to bike ride whenever. I love being out on my bike and I want to explore the bike trails some more. The weather is perfect for hiking too. We need to do some of that. Work off the turkey dinners.