Here comes Santa Claus

I had a wonderfully long weekend. Friday felt like Sunday. So when I realized it was just Friday, I was pretty ecstatic. I also became really freaked out because Christmas is seriously 24 days away. Which also means I need to have everyone shopped for within 20 days. And why am I freaked out? Because I only have about 15% done....Yikes.

I have been receiving some wonderful advice from that boy I call my boyfriend. Well...advice on good stocking stuffers...for him.

So apparently my cute boyfriend went down to a local car parts store recently and came across a few items he really liked:
1. A tow hitch for his truck
2. An American flag license plate frame

He ever so slightly mentioned these to me...and he wasn't very smooth about it.

After he went through explaining them he whispered "stocking stuffer"

What a hint right? He continued to say it a few more times in our conversation.

At least I have a million ideas on what to get Daniel for christmas, but none for anyone else. I have a lot to do. I need a Christmas miricle right about now....

Wish me luck...

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Daniel said...

yeah this last weekend was fantastic. except for my rash... well anyways, i cant believe christmas is coming up so fast. we got lots of shopping to do. love you girl.