I have some problems

Is it strange that my thoughts turn to the very last scene from Criminal Minds? The very last episode I've watched so far? The one where Reid makes the most ridiculous desicion ever, by going back to get drugs, even those he is so smart....and everytime I think about it my heart hurts.

For some reason my mind is thinking it's all real, and it really bothered me watching that scene the other night. Is it strange that I feel this way?



daniel said...

Probably. I'm very excited to watch the next episode. as you know that was the last epsode i watched when i use to watch it with my parents. i think it upset me to so don't worry. have a great class tonight girl

Andrew said...

I think it is only kinda weird.....is Reid the sexy nerdy one? Maybe he'll do sexy nerdy drugs

Julie said...

I was very upset the first time I saw that episode. I couldn't believe he went back for the drugs. It bothered me alot and I was disappointed that the producers went in that direction.
I can't wait to watch more.

jenae said...

yeah, I am weird. I need to remember that its all fake. I forget that part. Lets just hope he'll do sexy nerdy drugs. I'll cross my fingers.