I think everyone just needs to calm down.

Why can't anyone have an opinion without someone attacking it?

It really bothers me how no one can just say who they are voting for without being attacked about it.

I wont say who I am voting for because it's for me to know only....and of course Daniel because we feel the same way about everything, especially what we value in life.

Most of the blogs that I follow are posting about which person they will be voting for this election. I like to know what people feel, but maybe people wont be so open with all the backlash of others against that candidate.

There is no need for accusation's on either side, just believe in what you want and embrace everyone for being an idividual and having a brain to make up their own mind what they choose is right for them.

I heard on the news that some people picketing agaisnt the yes/no on prop 8 began to fight with each other. Why do we let ourselves sink so low? Is it really worth it?

This election will be my first time voting, and it is the most sad one I've ever witnessed. I think because I was younger I never paid attention before, but now that I am apart of it I just see so much ugly in people and how they feel the need to preach or fight eachother.

No matter what these people fight against they will still have their same opinion.

This election I will choose someone who believes in what I value most, my morals and my beliefs. I just hope no one attacks me for that.

P.S. I hope this wasn't mean sounding, just how I feel today.

Also! If there is one thing I am supporting it is to go out and vote. No matter which candidate you choose you will be happy because it was your choice and no one elses.


Amy T Schubert said...

yes, but it is also the most exciting election because people care again. The record voter turnout is SO inspiring.
P.S. Yea, people need to respect other's right to an opinion. Amen.

Julie said...

Well said!!

dan said...

agreed. love you, can't wait for class tonight

Kaitlin said...

Im excited that you were able to vote this year and I totally agree with what you said. Whenever ppl ask who I am voting for, I feel so timid because I dont know how they will respond. DId you vote for who I voted for? If not, thats okay and I still love you and I know you made the right decision for you, and thats what counts.
Anyways, do you guys wanna hang out soon?

jenae said...

yes I voted for who you voted for, and both Daniel and I miss you and would like to see you soon. Let us know when you are free! We also miss Giz and Joe.