Purple Mountain Majesties

The more and more I drive, the more I focus on what is around me. I mostly do this when I am drive alone in my car, on my way to and from work. I look at everything around me constantly. I focus more and more on every little detail that I see, and I fall more in love with the beauty of this world.

My drives have been really focused on mountains lately. There are so many different colors, sizes, and shapes. The farther away they are the more fake they look, but it's still so beautiful. I'm obsessed with mountains. I just stare at them as I drive. It's like I am being hypnotized and there is no way of snapping me back to reality. I think I am just easily drawn to any natrual beauty in this world. I become really excited, like I've just seen a movie star. I absolutely love it.
Do you see the beauty? If you don't you are absolutely insane, or don't like the out doors. It also makes me so happy that Daniel feels the same way as I do about the great outdoors. The mountains, the streams, the desert, the forrest, the highways that go on forever, the coasts; you name anything out doors and we absolutely love exploring it (except for lava). It makes me so happy that we both appreciate the exact same things. It also helps because Daniel likes to take a lot of pictures outdoors so it's a good thing I enjoy just looking at it. Also this one time Daniel and I decided to get out and see how long it would take to walk to a mountain from the highway, 30 minutes passed before we decided that it's a lot farther than it looks.
Yep, the mountains are beautiful. So many variations, so big and wonderful. I love you mountains...just don't tell Daniel...or Hazel for that matter, they both get jealous when I try to love a 3rd thing.

All pictures were taken by me, except for the last picture (the best one) which I stole from Daniel

everyone have a wonderful weekend!!!!


Julie said...

Beautiful pictures. The mountains always look closer than they are.
You and Daniel are a good couple.

Anonymous said...

what kind of camera do you use? these pics are awesome!

jenae said...

Thanks! I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX07 and the last picture, taken by my boyfriend, was taken with a Mamiya RZ67

daniel said...

good photos girl, i love the topone. miss yopu and hope you have a great day. only two more days until our trip. i cannot wait. Love you