Staying positive

So....Daniel and I got a flat tire while up here in Bishop.

We just now got it all settled out and now we are going to head back up to camp in a little while to rest.

Our day went a little bit different than we had expected, but it was still a great experience.

Do you see the slash on the top of the tire? That was our problem that changed our plans. ha.

Overall, Bishop has been so wonderful so far. Even with a flat tire, nothing can ruin how much fun I have up here. Took a lot of wonderful pictures, can't wait to post them. Hopefully soon.

p.s. We get perfect interenet at Shelia's house for some reason....weird.


Amy T Schubert said...

Andrew thinks Gma Sheila slashed your tire to sabotage and make you stay longer.

daniel said...

it was still an incredibel trip. yeah it probably was grandma. i miss you and love you girl. can't wait to see our photos