I have a five day weekend, starting tomorrow.

Super excited. First thing on my agenda, Sleep everyday until 12pm.

I'm kidding. I don't think I could sleep that long anyways...that's a lie, I totally can, but it's a waiste of such a long weekend.

Daniel and I have lots of plans for this weekend, mostly working on projects together. One thing I really want to do is watch Arrested Development with my Grandma because she absolutely loves that show and she needs lots of love and attention right now. I also want to see my Pops & Diana & Diego because I miss them and I haven't seen them in weeks. I am going to convince my dad to cook us his famous salmon, it's delish. Great fact about my dad, he is seriously an amazing cook. Everything he makes is delicous. I used to love breakfast at his house, blueberry pancakes and french toast we're a must have every weekend.

Anyways, I am excited to spend time with family this weekend. It's one of my favorite activities, it beings so much happiness to my days. I definitely need to see Diana & Diego before they take off to Columbia for a month. They are leaving sometime early December. I've already told my dad that I will take care of him while they are gone, especially on Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I don't have anyone's presents ready. I know what I am giving my mom, brooke, dad, diana, and diego...oh and I have a million ideas for Daniel, but I must stick to one. I just haven't done anything about it yet. I just keep racking my brain thinking of what to get everyone. I'm trying to think of their personalities, which I think I am pretty perceptive. I hear everything people say they like and really pay attention. It's a strange habit, but I think I know almost everything people like. Any ways, I am still really excited to get it all done. I love when people get presents, it makes me super excited.

Well, I am off now to relax for five days. See Ya.


Kaitlin said...

hey woman! Im glad that you have a nice long break from work. We miss you guys!!! We are excited to see you next week when we come home. So, I think we will be at my moms Thursday night through friday...what are your guys plans? We all need to hang out and do some fun stuff, like traveling pictionary and maybe the movies :-)

daniel said...

it was a super terific weekend girl. i had fun at your grandmas and dinner with your dad, and bike riding with your mom. have a great day and i can't wait to see you later.

daniel said...

and criminal minds with my mom. id didnt forget about you

Daniel said...

I Want A New Blog!

jenae said...

You are so impatient!!!!! And I love you.

Daddy said...

Hello Darling,

Thanks for mentioning your pops on your blog. Love you.