Bishop, California

I love Bishop, it is absolutely beautiful. I love camping and smelling the fresh outdoors. I love all the mountains and trees and rocks. I love the small town. I love the freedom I feel camping with no one else around me. It feels like a second home. I hope that one day Daniel, Hazel, and I could camp all around the United States for a year. I know Daniel would love it, but I don't know about Hazel.

Daniel, Hazel, and I went up to Bishop a couple of months ago and he checked out a camera from his school to take with us. He told me to take pictures, and so I did. After we got back from Bishop it made me want a digital camers so bad, this world is beautiful and I want to capture it all. (I don't want to be a photographer, that's Daniel's job).

So here are some pictures of why I love Bishop so much.

I love the hidden streams.

I love the colorful sunsets.

I love the small town with a movie theatre that only shows two movies at a time.

I love all of the old buildings in Bishop, they are a lot of fun to take pictures of. They just look so amazing and beautiful to me.

I love the outdoors. The trees and the mountains. They are amazing and have wonderful colors.

(Daniel took this picture)

I love the company that comes with me most of all. They are one of the best parts of it all. I would not want to see all this beauty and keep it to myself. I am happy to be with Daniel and see everything together. Without him I never would have been to Bishop. Thanks love bug! And I love watcing Hazel run wild, I've never seen a more happier pup. It makes me feel so happy.

It's a beautiful town and a beautiful world. There is plenty more to see and I cannot wait to see it.
If you want to look at the bigger versions of these pictures (they make them look better), check them out here on my flickr.


Slight Obsessions

So on Christmas day I did what a lot of families do, I went to the movie theatre.

I went with Daniel, my cousins(celina, richard, and melissa), a husband(celina's hubby raul), an uncle(david), my brother(bob), and my sister(brookie), but we didn't all stick together.

All the ladies + Daniel went to see Twilight, while the boys all went to see The Spirit.

So I totally loved the movie for some strange reason. I think the love story is just really intense and makes you want love like that. It also helps that the guy who plays Edward is super cute..I mean how could you resist this smile?

I know I couldn't. So now I want to read all the books, watch all the movies, and be a totally Edward fan. I'm hooked. Who would have thought that this guy would ever be as cute as the guy above? I didn't think so. I was proven wrong and now I am completely infatuated. Silly me.

I think I enjoy Twilight so much because it's about vampires and I am sure I have never told anyone about my obsession's with vampire books. I've read all of the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. And I've really attempted to dress up as a vampire ever halloween, but I usually don't go through with it because I feel like a dork or failed at looking like one.

So here we go again back into the vampire books. What did I get myself into?

P.S: Speaking of Obsessions, I am totally obsessed with these sunglasses. Would anyone like to spend $100 dollars on me? Please?



Have I ever told anyone about how much I enjoy being at Kaitlin's apartment?

Well, if I haven't I should tell you all about it...another time.

Hey, I'm at her apartment right now, why would I waste time blogging?


The list

Top five presents this year:

1. Ipod Touch from my mommy and stepdad....can you say totally wickedly tight? I'm very sure you can....anyways, totally awesome right. My mom and stepdad always get me the number one gift. Their good and they listen to what I like.

2. Women's Devotional Bible, with my name engraved on the cover. This one was from Julie, she is the most thoughtful woman alive, and I love her.

3. A cute Whisper thin striped turtleneck(hey that's what its called, I don't make these things up) from my love Daniel. I would have posted the amazing jacket he also bought from there, but I could not find the image. He picked it all out without my advice and I loved them so much. He knows me so well.
4. Home Movies: Season One from the very smart Andrew and Amy. I think the can hear my thoughts because I totally wanted Home Movies.
5.Harajuku Lovers Fragrance from my mommy, how does she make it on my list twice? Because she's the best mom who knows the perfect things to pick out. So this is Probably one of the cutest perfume bottles I've ever laid eyes on. I want them all. They are all so cute.

Thanks to everyone else for all of my wonderful gifts. They were all amazing.

Christmas was so wonderful spending time with all of my family (that includes all you Schuberts). Everyone is so kind and giving and happy on that day and it brings so much warmth to my heart. Thanks everyone for making me so happy. I love you all!!!!
Merry Day After Christmas!!!!!


Merry Christmas!!

Guess who is blogging from an Ipod Touch?


Oh My!

So the all of the DA's in my office are very amazing.

They gave all of the secretarie's cards and each of them wrote how much they appreciate our hard work. First off, so sweet. It really feels wonderful to be appreciated at work. I've never had a job that treated me so well.

To top it off it was like getting a card from my grandma because there was 50 bucks in there! Totally unexpected. Totally awesome.

I love my job. I love my co-workers. I love my bosses. I love Christmas.

p.s. don't forget to read the post below as well.

I'm officially freaking out.


Excuse the screaming up top, but I am so excited for tomorrow that I can hardly contain it.

I want to open presents, watch people open presents, laugh, play, and most of all hang out with family. Family is the main reason why I am so excited.

First off Daniel has some of his family down from Las Vegas, Nevada and it makes me super excited because they are so much fun. Also, his brother and sister are there. Then everyone's significant other is there too (boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband). So it's a full house, and it makes me feel all warm inside.

I am also excited to be spending time with my dad's side of the family tonight because I haven't for many many years, due to the fact that I am not a very good relative because I am too lazy to visit people. I've changed, I promise.

I am just really excited this Christmas. I've haven't been this excited in a very long time. It feels great.

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday and a Merry Christmas!


100 Posts

Today I reached my 100th post. It's pretty exciting for me. Having this blog helps me vent and share, which helps me out a lot. AND the comments everyone gives me always puts a smile on my face.

Anyways, a lot has been going on in my life the past couple of weeks. We moved into our new office space at work. I moved into my dad's house a week ago.And I had a 5 day weekend due to being super sick, which is not a very fun 5 day weekend.

I can't believe Christmas is only 3 days away. It's making my stomach feel very uneasy, mostly because I am so excited plus also nervous if my presents will be ok for people. Sometimes I am afraid to see disappointed faces when they unwrap the gift I got them. We'll find out.

Being in the Christmas spirit I decided to decorate my office a couple weeks ago, just never got around to posting about it until now. Sorry, I am lazy people.
So when I first came to this office, looked around at my cubicle, and thought...what am I going to do with all this space?

Totally naked. It just didn't feel like a second home, which honestly, it is. I spend 8 hours there, which is almost as much time as a spend at home on the week days. So, you have to make your office feel like your home away from home...or at least that's how I would like it to feel.
So I added a little bit at a time. Organized everything in the exact postion that I thought would be most reasonable to me.

Finding a perfect fit for everything takes time. I think I have everything just where I want it.

So then I felt it was time to bring on the christmas decorations. I bought a big package of construction paper, took out the red and green ones and began cutting strips so I could make paper garlands to string around my office. I also added a bright red christmas tree and a red gumball machine for my desk.

I think my office is finally perfect. Now that Christmas is almost here I need to think about the new decorations that need to come up. Out with the old, in with the New.....Year.



-Stuffy nose: check

-Sore throat: check
-Terrible tasting muccus, that just lines your throat making everything you eat or drink taste horrible!: check

I think that I am getting sick.

I can tell that I am sick by my lack of brain. I will prove this by showing you what I managed to bring to work with me today in my coat pocket.

Yes, that is a house phone. How does one manage to bring that one to work? Easy, set off the alarm system to your dads house because you're totally not used to those types of things yet because you just moved in, freak out, grab the house phone, realize you don't know his work number, place in your pocket and fish for cell phone. Then you forget it's in there and figure out once your at work what that large object in your coat was the whole drive. FUN!

Also, I would really like to share my festive office with you, but I am lazy. And sick, bleh.
I also wanted to let everyone know that I really don't want to eat the cookies I decorated last night, for I would not like to ruin them....

I offered them out to my employees. They seem to like them. I still haven't tried one yet. I just don't want to taste them while my throat is all gross. It wouldn't be very satisfying. Oh well, maybe tomorrow I will feel better.

I NEED to since I am doing all of my christmas shopping tomorrow afternoon.


Following in her footsteps.

On tuesday I went to a ceremony where they honor the people who have put, at the very least, 10 years into the LA County.

My mom and David were one of them. My mom beat David though by 10 more years. She's worked for the LA County for 30 years! I felt so proud when they said my mom's name and then I thought how beautiful she looked that day. I don't know why I think this, but my mom looks like an older version of Jenna Fischer. Call me crazy, but I just think she does.

Anyways, I was really proud of my mom for her accomplishment. She started off as a silly little typist clerk like me and then became a boss of all the secretaries in her office. She has worked so hard and it has definitely paid off. I don't know how she does it with being a single mom with 3 really obnoxious kids. This is the lady who purchased our nice and big house all on her own. I just don't think I would have the will power to do everything my mom has done. I love her and I am proud of how hard she works for us.

Here are a few pictures from that day

Congrats mom!!! I love you!


I will be proud.

Fall session of school is finally over with. I never thought that I would make it out alive, well...with passing grades.

I think that I really doubt my capabilities. Maybe if I expect the worst outcome that when it actually happens it wont be so bad.

So, when the last few days of school were slowly approaching I was totally frantic about if I would pass or fail.

My Drawing final was fairly simple. All we had to do was put together a portfolio of all the work we have done throughout the semester (he only checked a few, never all). It was simple because I did every single project and the ones that I have turned in received an A+. I don't think I am super fantastic at drawing, but I am at following rules, so it to give me a good grade.

So no more worries about Art, I knew I had to get at least an A-(plus my teacher told Daniel and I we both had A's in the class).

Now all I had to do was go to my last class of English last night and oh boy was I panicked. First of all I haven't been in an English class for 3 years and secondly it was my very first really hard class that I have taken. All I thought about the whole entire semester was "I am so going to fail, I can't pass." It also didn't help that we only met once a week on wednesday for only 3 hours, when most classes meet two times a week for 3 hours each day. I felt like my brain was crammed for all the information I received.

We had three finals to take. The first one, which was taken the week before, was a test on how much we have improved from the beginning of the semester (we had taken the same one when we first started the class). The second test was on comprehension and then after that we had to write an essay. That was last night.

So he ended up grading both tests and told us what we got. I have never ever been great at taking tests. I am terrible, I always thought I would do good and end up with a D. So I definitely thought I would fail this class. Well I was completely wrong, both of my tests were an A+. I couldn't even believe it.

I know it may sound like I am bragging, but I am not, I am just really proud to be accomplishing something on my own and making myself proud. I feel like my life is finally going the way I want it to, with my rules.

Last night, nothing could make me mad. I am the nerd with an A+

I think I skipped while I walked to the photo lab to tell Daniel the great news. Yeah, I probably had a silly grin too with it. Nerd.


Is it love?

I absolutely adore my Hazel girl.
More on that another time.


Ok....So it's not quite Christmas yet, but it I sure felt it this last weekend. I donned red and green and smiled a lot. The only thing that wasn't like Christmas was that we didn't open presents. And who likes a Christmas without presents? Not me.

Why was I all dressed up and smiley? Because we took family pictures for Christmas cards! It was actually really fun to be all Christmas looking, until my dad broke a 600 dollar strobe light. Then everyone was not so smiley, but it's a good thing that my dad is super positive and knows that it was just an accident and accidents happen. Even to the smartest people in the world. So we made it through, and the pictures turned out wonderful. Thanks Daniel, you are really awesome and you made my family super happy. Well, except for Bob who really hates getting up anytime before 2pm on the weekend. He wasn't so happy.
The pictures turned out perfect. It makes me laugh though. This is the definition of a LA Christmas, it looks like we took that picutre months before in the summer. Yeah, it really looks like that in December....yeah, it sucks. I know some people REALLY love that about LA, but I don't. I wish the temperature would drop...A LOT.

Hey, look at that palm tree.....in the "winter."

The next picture I totally love. The kids with our Dad, he's so cute. We all look really happy. I think my dad had just told us to think about pooping....which makes anyone laugh.

This last one was taken in my room at my Dad's house. Perfect wall right?

Anyways, It was a lot of fun to take pictures. It made me even more excited that Christmas is just around the corner...it also means I should probably go shopping for presents soon...yikes.
Oh and if you would like to take a look at the other pictures that we took that day, they are here and here.



I am here, in my cubicle, lovin life right now. I would write more, but I am busy setting my office space up. I can't wait to put up some Christmas decorations.

P.S. I have my own personal phone line and voicemail, so if you'd like to call me directly ever you should totally use that. OH MAN! I feel so legit.


The Office

I have never seen anything quite as amazing as this on esty before. I love The Office oh so much. I am almost tempted to get that calendar....almost.

I did purchase some really cute Christmas cards on etsy because some people don't get wrapped presents on christmas (mostly guys) because they usually get a girft certificate to a place they love. And I want it to have it be a cute Christmas card to hold it in. I would show you, but it might ruin the surprise...sorry.

Back to The Office, I have some wonderful news, and this has nothing to do with the show. It has to do with my new office that I have been hoping to move into for months and months and months...actually ever since I began working here, and it's only a few months away from a year. The great news is we move in tomorrow. I have been so excited all week setting up my future desk and taking pictures like a mad woman who has never seen a cubicle before. If you knew our working conditions as of now you would understand the excitement. My favorite co-worker ever, Krystle, is probably the most excited because she has never had a desk and has to borrow one whenever she can. Yesterday we both took over our supplies from our old desk to set up in our new desk, I had four boxes full and she had one sheet of paper. It's funny how much you lack when you don't have a desk.

Anyways, I am so excited it feels like a dream. I would show you pictures of how I set everything up, but I don't have my cable to connect to the work computer, so no pictures, sorry. Mabye later. Oh man, I have so much space I don't know how I will use it.

I better go before I blab some more about how excited I am about cubicle's, who does that?


What'da Know?

Guess who just learned that they had some bank fraud of over $600?


This is the second time this has happened to me. The worst part is, is that they have my pin number. The second worst part is my account is now closed and I have bills that I need to pay. My car payment, car insurance, and cell phone bill. They are all over $100. 

Hopefully this will all work out just fine. Please pray that it does. I need all the help I can get. Thanks.


Wow That Hurts

Apparently my bottom so isn't used to sitting for more than 6 hours at a time...I am in so much pain. And no matter which way I situate myself it doesn't seem to help.

Great news though. We should be moving to our snazzy new office sometime next week if everything runs smoothly and there isn't something they forgot to do last minute that it going to take anothrt three months to finish...yeah that would suck, but it wouldn't be the first time.

Yeah thats my future desk, it's huge!

Here comes Santa Claus

I had a wonderfully long weekend. Friday felt like Sunday. So when I realized it was just Friday, I was pretty ecstatic. I also became really freaked out because Christmas is seriously 24 days away. Which also means I need to have everyone shopped for within 20 days. And why am I freaked out? Because I only have about 15% done....Yikes.

I have been receiving some wonderful advice from that boy I call my boyfriend. Well...advice on good stocking stuffers...for him.

So apparently my cute boyfriend went down to a local car parts store recently and came across a few items he really liked:
1. A tow hitch for his truck
2. An American flag license plate frame

He ever so slightly mentioned these to me...and he wasn't very smooth about it.

After he went through explaining them he whispered "stocking stuffer"

What a hint right? He continued to say it a few more times in our conversation.

At least I have a million ideas on what to get Daniel for christmas, but none for anyone else. I have a lot to do. I need a Christmas miricle right about now....

Wish me luck...

I put some more sites to check out on the right. They are all really amazing.