100 Posts

Today I reached my 100th post. It's pretty exciting for me. Having this blog helps me vent and share, which helps me out a lot. AND the comments everyone gives me always puts a smile on my face.

Anyways, a lot has been going on in my life the past couple of weeks. We moved into our new office space at work. I moved into my dad's house a week ago.And I had a 5 day weekend due to being super sick, which is not a very fun 5 day weekend.

I can't believe Christmas is only 3 days away. It's making my stomach feel very uneasy, mostly because I am so excited plus also nervous if my presents will be ok for people. Sometimes I am afraid to see disappointed faces when they unwrap the gift I got them. We'll find out.

Being in the Christmas spirit I decided to decorate my office a couple weeks ago, just never got around to posting about it until now. Sorry, I am lazy people.
So when I first came to this office, looked around at my cubicle, and thought...what am I going to do with all this space?

Totally naked. It just didn't feel like a second home, which honestly, it is. I spend 8 hours there, which is almost as much time as a spend at home on the week days. So, you have to make your office feel like your home away from home...or at least that's how I would like it to feel.
So I added a little bit at a time. Organized everything in the exact postion that I thought would be most reasonable to me.

Finding a perfect fit for everything takes time. I think I have everything just where I want it.

So then I felt it was time to bring on the christmas decorations. I bought a big package of construction paper, took out the red and green ones and began cutting strips so I could make paper garlands to string around my office. I also added a bright red christmas tree and a red gumball machine for my desk.

I think my office is finally perfect. Now that Christmas is almost here I need to think about the new decorations that need to come up. Out with the old, in with the New.....Year.


mom said...

I like the paperclips in the gumball machine. You can change the theme of your office with each coming holiday. Think "New Years."

Daniel said...

wow one hundred posts! I loved reading each and every one of them and i can't wait ofr the next hundred. Your office looks great. i'm happy for you. christmas will be great, it will be so fun spending time with all the families.

Kaitlin said...

youre so cute! I love how your office works and get really excited every time you have a new post....see ya tongiht!!@

Julie said...

You are so cute. I love what you did with your office space.
Every one will love the presents you got them.