Bishop, California

I love Bishop, it is absolutely beautiful. I love camping and smelling the fresh outdoors. I love all the mountains and trees and rocks. I love the small town. I love the freedom I feel camping with no one else around me. It feels like a second home. I hope that one day Daniel, Hazel, and I could camp all around the United States for a year. I know Daniel would love it, but I don't know about Hazel.

Daniel, Hazel, and I went up to Bishop a couple of months ago and he checked out a camera from his school to take with us. He told me to take pictures, and so I did. After we got back from Bishop it made me want a digital camers so bad, this world is beautiful and I want to capture it all. (I don't want to be a photographer, that's Daniel's job).

So here are some pictures of why I love Bishop so much.

I love the hidden streams.

I love the colorful sunsets.

I love the small town with a movie theatre that only shows two movies at a time.

I love all of the old buildings in Bishop, they are a lot of fun to take pictures of. They just look so amazing and beautiful to me.

I love the outdoors. The trees and the mountains. They are amazing and have wonderful colors.

(Daniel took this picture)

I love the company that comes with me most of all. They are one of the best parts of it all. I would not want to see all this beauty and keep it to myself. I am happy to be with Daniel and see everything together. Without him I never would have been to Bishop. Thanks love bug! And I love watcing Hazel run wild, I've never seen a more happier pup. It makes me feel so happy.

It's a beautiful town and a beautiful world. There is plenty more to see and I cannot wait to see it.
If you want to look at the bigger versions of these pictures (they make them look better), check them out here on my flickr.


Julie said...

I love the pictures. I'm glad you like Bihop.

mom said...

Don't just leave the photo taking to Daniel, your pictures are amazing.

jenae said...

thanks mom

Amy T Schubert said...

you ARE a good photographer, Jenae. very nice ...

daniel said...

great photos girl.i had an incredible time with my favorite ladies on that trip. and i think hazrl loved it too. cant wait till our next trip.