-Stuffy nose: check

-Sore throat: check
-Terrible tasting muccus, that just lines your throat making everything you eat or drink taste horrible!: check

I think that I am getting sick.

I can tell that I am sick by my lack of brain. I will prove this by showing you what I managed to bring to work with me today in my coat pocket.

Yes, that is a house phone. How does one manage to bring that one to work? Easy, set off the alarm system to your dads house because you're totally not used to those types of things yet because you just moved in, freak out, grab the house phone, realize you don't know his work number, place in your pocket and fish for cell phone. Then you forget it's in there and figure out once your at work what that large object in your coat was the whole drive. FUN!

Also, I would really like to share my festive office with you, but I am lazy. And sick, bleh.
I also wanted to let everyone know that I really don't want to eat the cookies I decorated last night, for I would not like to ruin them....

I offered them out to my employees. They seem to like them. I still haven't tried one yet. I just don't want to taste them while my throat is all gross. It wouldn't be very satisfying. Oh well, maybe tomorrow I will feel better.

I NEED to since I am doing all of my christmas shopping tomorrow afternoon.


mom said...

Cute cookies, I want some. Feel better.

Julie said...

I laughed very loud the moment I saw the house phone, then I laughed through your whole story. Very funny.
You did such a good job decorating the cookies. I am going to go eat one of mine now.
Have fun shopping today and I hope you feel better.

daniel said...

im glad your feeling better now, and me too. love you have a great day at work. sorry for trhe super late comment.