I will be proud.

Fall session of school is finally over with. I never thought that I would make it out alive, well...with passing grades.

I think that I really doubt my capabilities. Maybe if I expect the worst outcome that when it actually happens it wont be so bad.

So, when the last few days of school were slowly approaching I was totally frantic about if I would pass or fail.

My Drawing final was fairly simple. All we had to do was put together a portfolio of all the work we have done throughout the semester (he only checked a few, never all). It was simple because I did every single project and the ones that I have turned in received an A+. I don't think I am super fantastic at drawing, but I am at following rules, so it to give me a good grade.

So no more worries about Art, I knew I had to get at least an A-(plus my teacher told Daniel and I we both had A's in the class).

Now all I had to do was go to my last class of English last night and oh boy was I panicked. First of all I haven't been in an English class for 3 years and secondly it was my very first really hard class that I have taken. All I thought about the whole entire semester was "I am so going to fail, I can't pass." It also didn't help that we only met once a week on wednesday for only 3 hours, when most classes meet two times a week for 3 hours each day. I felt like my brain was crammed for all the information I received.

We had three finals to take. The first one, which was taken the week before, was a test on how much we have improved from the beginning of the semester (we had taken the same one when we first started the class). The second test was on comprehension and then after that we had to write an essay. That was last night.

So he ended up grading both tests and told us what we got. I have never ever been great at taking tests. I am terrible, I always thought I would do good and end up with a D. So I definitely thought I would fail this class. Well I was completely wrong, both of my tests were an A+. I couldn't even believe it.

I know it may sound like I am bragging, but I am not, I am just really proud to be accomplishing something on my own and making myself proud. I feel like my life is finally going the way I want it to, with my rules.

Last night, nothing could make me mad. I am the nerd with an A+

I think I skipped while I walked to the photo lab to tell Daniel the great news. Yeah, I probably had a silly grin too with it. Nerd.


Kaitlin said...

Good Job GIrly!!! Doesnt it feel so good to get good grades? Im super proud of you and I cant wait to see you this weekend :-)

mom said...

Besides being beautiful, she's smart.

daniel said...

I';m proud of you girl, i knew you would kick butt in drawing cause you always do, but i'm really proud of you and your english. You had a grin so big when i saw you i could see your back teeth. love you and im proud of you, hvae a great day.

Julie said...

An A+. You should be proud!! That isn't easy to do. I am very proud of you.