The list

Top five presents this year:

1. Ipod Touch from my mommy and stepdad....can you say totally wickedly tight? I'm very sure you can....anyways, totally awesome right. My mom and stepdad always get me the number one gift. Their good and they listen to what I like.

2. Women's Devotional Bible, with my name engraved on the cover. This one was from Julie, she is the most thoughtful woman alive, and I love her.

3. A cute Whisper thin striped turtleneck(hey that's what its called, I don't make these things up) from my love Daniel. I would have posted the amazing jacket he also bought from there, but I could not find the image. He picked it all out without my advice and I loved them so much. He knows me so well.
4. Home Movies: Season One from the very smart Andrew and Amy. I think the can hear my thoughts because I totally wanted Home Movies.
5.Harajuku Lovers Fragrance from my mommy, how does she make it on my list twice? Because she's the best mom who knows the perfect things to pick out. So this is Probably one of the cutest perfume bottles I've ever laid eyes on. I want them all. They are all so cute.

Thanks to everyone else for all of my wonderful gifts. They were all amazing.

Christmas was so wonderful spending time with all of my family (that includes all you Schuberts). Everyone is so kind and giving and happy on that day and it brings so much warmth to my heart. Thanks everyone for making me so happy. I love you all!!!!
Merry Day After Christmas!!!!!


daniel said...

im glad you loved all your stuff. it was such an amazing day and time of year. i love being with my family and am glad that i get to be a part of yours too.

Julie said...

Hi cutie pie,
that perfume bottle IS SO CUTE!
I don't think I will EVER be able to say "totally wicked tight"