Ok....So it's not quite Christmas yet, but it I sure felt it this last weekend. I donned red and green and smiled a lot. The only thing that wasn't like Christmas was that we didn't open presents. And who likes a Christmas without presents? Not me.

Why was I all dressed up and smiley? Because we took family pictures for Christmas cards! It was actually really fun to be all Christmas looking, until my dad broke a 600 dollar strobe light. Then everyone was not so smiley, but it's a good thing that my dad is super positive and knows that it was just an accident and accidents happen. Even to the smartest people in the world. So we made it through, and the pictures turned out wonderful. Thanks Daniel, you are really awesome and you made my family super happy. Well, except for Bob who really hates getting up anytime before 2pm on the weekend. He wasn't so happy.
The pictures turned out perfect. It makes me laugh though. This is the definition of a LA Christmas, it looks like we took that picutre months before in the summer. Yeah, it really looks like that in December....yeah, it sucks. I know some people REALLY love that about LA, but I don't. I wish the temperature would drop...A LOT.

Hey, look at that palm tree.....in the "winter."

The next picture I totally love. The kids with our Dad, he's so cute. We all look really happy. I think my dad had just told us to think about pooping....which makes anyone laugh.

This last one was taken in my room at my Dad's house. Perfect wall right?

Anyways, It was a lot of fun to take pictures. It made me even more excited that Christmas is just around the corner...it also means I should probably go shopping for presents soon...yikes.
Oh and if you would like to take a look at the other pictures that we took that day, they are here and here.


daniel said...

hope you have a great day. that was alot of fun this weekend but it wouldve been much better with presents.