The Office

I have never seen anything quite as amazing as this on esty before. I love The Office oh so much. I am almost tempted to get that calendar....almost.

I did purchase some really cute Christmas cards on etsy because some people don't get wrapped presents on christmas (mostly guys) because they usually get a girft certificate to a place they love. And I want it to have it be a cute Christmas card to hold it in. I would show you, but it might ruin the surprise...sorry.

Back to The Office, I have some wonderful news, and this has nothing to do with the show. It has to do with my new office that I have been hoping to move into for months and months and months...actually ever since I began working here, and it's only a few months away from a year. The great news is we move in tomorrow. I have been so excited all week setting up my future desk and taking pictures like a mad woman who has never seen a cubicle before. If you knew our working conditions as of now you would understand the excitement. My favorite co-worker ever, Krystle, is probably the most excited because she has never had a desk and has to borrow one whenever she can. Yesterday we both took over our supplies from our old desk to set up in our new desk, I had four boxes full and she had one sheet of paper. It's funny how much you lack when you don't have a desk.

Anyways, I am so excited it feels like a dream. I would show you pictures of how I set everything up, but I don't have my cable to connect to the work computer, so no pictures, sorry. Mabye later. Oh man, I have so much space I don't know how I will use it.

I better go before I blab some more about how excited I am about cubicle's, who does that?


Julie said...

Yay!! It's finally happening. Very funny story about Krystle and her one sheet of paper.

mom said...

It was fun dropping by and seeing your old office space and the new space. Enjoy decorating, adorning, embellishing, garnishing, bedecking, and ornamenting your new space.

daniel said...

thats awesome! i m excited for you. when you showed me your office i couldnt believe how small it was. Love you and i hope you have a great day and im glad its the weekend.