Slight Obsessions

So on Christmas day I did what a lot of families do, I went to the movie theatre.

I went with Daniel, my cousins(celina, richard, and melissa), a husband(celina's hubby raul), an uncle(david), my brother(bob), and my sister(brookie), but we didn't all stick together.

All the ladies + Daniel went to see Twilight, while the boys all went to see The Spirit.

So I totally loved the movie for some strange reason. I think the love story is just really intense and makes you want love like that. It also helps that the guy who plays Edward is super cute..I mean how could you resist this smile?

I know I couldn't. So now I want to read all the books, watch all the movies, and be a totally Edward fan. I'm hooked. Who would have thought that this guy would ever be as cute as the guy above? I didn't think so. I was proven wrong and now I am completely infatuated. Silly me.

I think I enjoy Twilight so much because it's about vampires and I am sure I have never told anyone about my obsession's with vampire books. I've read all of the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. And I've really attempted to dress up as a vampire ever halloween, but I usually don't go through with it because I feel like a dork or failed at looking like one.

So here we go again back into the vampire books. What did I get myself into?

P.S: Speaking of Obsessions, I am totally obsessed with these sunglasses. Would anyone like to spend $100 dollars on me? Please?


daniel said...

those are some really nice sunglasses, but sorry im not gonna be buying those for ya. yeah i actually didnt hate the movie.

mom said...

Now you see why I'm a "twilight" fan. Loved the books and the movie.

D(daniel) said...

who ever thought that this guy would be cutie then them him. http://flickr.com/photos/nay-ners/3094939300/in/set-72157610962378234/

i dont know how to do that fancy thing where i put the link under the words "this guy"

jenae said...

I can teach you. It's super easy