A cubicle holds many things.

Today while I was taking my lunch I decided to take pictures of some things in my little cubicle.

Yes I spend my lunch in my cubicle, yes I have an hour and a half to do as I please, BUT I rarely leave my desk. There are a few reasons

1. I really hate getting up, starting my car, driving somewhere, getting out, waiting for food, getting back in the car, then back out. I am so lazy that I am even surprised I get out of my chair to go home. Luckily when I am out of work I am a lot more active.

2. I live an hour away from where I work so I can't just go home

3. I don't like to waste my money on food (only occasionally) so I am stuck in here by choice.

4. The best thing is I get to surf the web guilt free, meaning I am not wasting company time while surfing the web on my lunch...I still do it when I am working, but not as much.

Anyways...those are my explainations of why I stay inside. I hope this doesn't follow me outside of work. Maybe one day you'll hear that I've turned into a recluse. Lets hope for the best though.

So I was looking around my desk and decided to share a few things that you'll find in my office.

1. The coolest clock on the planet:

2. Me hanging loose in some slippers. Oh how I love my slippers. Of course I throw on the old high heels whenever I have to look professional. Mostly when moving away from my desk.

3. You can find me doing some sort of craft in my office occasionally. Today I am working on a sewing project, tomorrow I can be drawing. The possibilities are endless in my world.

4. Lots and LOTS and a WHOLE LOT of water...I think this will last me forever. (hello discarded high heels!)

5. Last, but definitely not least, is my mini shrine to my love. So people can see how cute he is. That's really not the reason, but I can pretend. I just look over at it and smile everytime because I enjoy his cuteness.

That's a little bit of my office for you. It's my home away from home. My work/lunch station. My art table. Whatever, I like my cubicle and all that occupies it.
P.S. Wish me luck on my Sociology Exam, it might give me some good vibes so I can pass.


I Love Polaroids

They're instant, they're all unique, and they come in many shapes and sizes (the camera/the picture size).
One other thing I love about them is the fact that they accompanied me on my way back from San Fransisco. I can't say the same for my digital camera or scarves that I purchased, as of late they are AWOL!

So I scanned all of the polaroids that Daniel and I took. Me using something like this and Daniel using his Mamiya RZ67, with a polaroid back

Both make different and interesting pictures. His are definitely more crisp though....by a long shot. You can also tell the difference by the fact that he doesn't have that long white bottom in his polaroids.

The first day we took the transit system called BART into the city. We walked around china town and purchased a lot of awesome gifts. I purchased three of the cutest owl mugs that were ever made on this planet.

The next day Daniel and I spent over 12hours wondering the city. From Haight St. to Market St., We went all over. I don't think I've walked that long in such a long time and I didn't bring the most comfortable shoes, but you live and learn I guess.
The nights are absolutely beautiful. We just walk around holding hands dreaming of our future together. For some reason we become inspired everytime we go to San Fransisco.

We left in the afternoon on Monday and stopped to take a few shots along the rode. This is a habit that Daniel does on all of our long drives. It's one of my favorites. You get to stretch, smell fresh air, and look at all things beautiful around you.

One time Daniel and I tried to walk to the far away mountain to see if it was as close as it appears. 30 minutes passed and it seemed to go farther and farther back the more we walked.

Our trip was full of so much fun. I almost thought we lived there. Keep on dreaming Jenae...maybe one day.

Also there are more polaroid shots on my flickr. So check it out I guess, or not. Whatever you choose is fine with me.

I have knots in my stomach right now.

I neglected to pay for my spring semester classes and well...I've been dropped and the classes are full now.

I hate being as forgetful as I am. I think thats my greatest down fall.

So today has already been ruined by that new information in my life. I just really hope I can get in through waitlisting the classes, bleh.


Quick Post of Awesomeness

I really admire my next-door neighbor at my mom's house. Daniel and I had the opportunity to really take to her when we all went trick-or-treating and a majority of the parents (and some kids) dropped out early except for her. I always thought she was cool, but I it didn't really cement itself until we talked with her the majority of Halloween. She's so awesome, a very sweet and inspiring mom.

So what I am trying to get to is I think that she is such an awesome mom and very encouraging of her childrens creativity. Since her daughter is my sisters friend I get to see how creative she is. I wish I had a friend like her when I was younger, she is so awesome, which you can read about here and here and even here. But I know she wouldn't be that way if her mom didn't encourage such freedom of artistic expression.

So when I read that she made the exact Inaugural Meal that was made so that her children could remember this special day more easily (because taste being one of your senses, she thought it would make it easier to remember), I thought, what will this mom think of next?

She's awesome, and I am happy she is my neighbor. Keep up the good work!

p.s. Don't worry other moms I think you are so awesome too, but in different ways.


My heart is aching

No not for Daniel this time, but for my best girlfriend.

She is super loving and caring. She always listens to whatever I have to say. Whenever we see eachother she greets me with the warmest smile, a great big hug, and a cute wiggly bottom. And sometimes she is so excited and can't control it that she starts to kick one back leg uncontrollably like a bunny.

And if you didn't realize already, she's totally not human...even though I have more feelings for her than I do most humans. She's my home-girl Hazel Girl-Dog Schubert and I love her so much.

How can you resist Hazel? She's is just too darn adorable. And she treats everyone she knows like they all have a special place in her heart. Anyone who meets her falls in love, she's so irresistable. It's her girlish charms I tell you.

She's also very good at keeping a mystery about her when photographed, she's just too good to look right into the camera. It makes her seem as though she is pondering something rather important or it could be just the fact that she HATES looking into the camera because she is terrified of it flashing at her or stealing her soul, but I prefer the first reason.

She's the light of my life (2nd really, Daniel is first). She makes me smile and laugh, she fills me with so much joy. She knows when your sad or sick and will be by your side to comfort you. I can't picture life without her. So when it's been a few days that I haven't seen this bundle of joy my heart feels like it's been missing out on some love and I need all the love I can get!

So thank goodness I will get to see my sunshine Hazel because life without her is a horrible, dark, and ugly life, and I for one do not need any of that, thank you very much. That's what people without a pet have...


After Trip Blues

I was going to post some of the goodies I purchased in San Fransisco, but I have a case of the the After Trip Blues.

It happens when you go away some place you really like with the one person you really love and you get to spend every moment with them in this wonderful place. Then you get back home and go to bed knowing that person wont be there when you wake up and he can't greet you with a smile. Then you wake up the next day and go to work and have to wait until 5:30pm until you see that smile again and hold that person so close to you.

After spending three and a half days with Daniel, with non-stop fun and laughter and cuddling and talking and exploring and picture taking, it is really hard for me not to miss him. People might think that I am crazy because I enjoy spening so much time with him, but he is the only person who truely makes me feel like I am the only one in this world and that there is no one who could ever compare to me.

It's going to be 2 years for us in a couple of months and I have not once considered spending one day without seeing him (yep, we've seen eachother everyday for 2 years). I love every moment we spend together.

So let me have my after trip blues because I miss Daniel a lot and I enjoy our lovely trips together so much that I wish it would last much longer.

And if you need more of an explanation for why I get so sad read the lyrics to this song because it's the theme song of my life.

Hopefully one day I'll see his smiling face every morning.

I think I am the only person who thought what I heard was a very teeny tiny earthquake...again I did not feel, but I HEARD the walls move.

So I looked it up and it really did happen here.

Back to work.



Taking the transit system called BART to San Fransisco. I've never taken it before. We're going to Check out china town and buy some goodies.

It's just me, mom, brooke, and Daniel hanging out in the city today.

I love being here. Daniel and I cuddled with cruiser last night. He's so fun to cuddle with.

Well that's all for now. Gotta get on the transit now. More to come later.


Mini Vacation

San Fransisco here I come!

I can hardly hold in my excitement. We'll be leaving this afternoon.

See you all later suckers!!!!!


Grossed out

I am reading all about bad foods for you and how many calories they have and I am completely grossed out. It's kind of making me so not hungry.

If you haven't heard I am on a diet. I was planning on talking about it in a New Years resolution post, but never got around to finishing it...I definitely still plan to because there are people who made 2008 so wonderful that they really need to be mentioned soon.

Anyways I am reading all about healthy foods to buy from the market, because I like to buy foods and make things at home rather than eat fast food. And what to drink because I gave up soda...it's been hard and I'll have one occasionally because I can't just quit cold turkey. Occasionally as in maybe I'll have two sodas total on the weekend. No soda on the weekdays, just water and plain tea. FUN!!!!

It's been a few weeks of this and it seems to be working. Water is starting to taste less bland to me and my body feels a lot cleaner. I'm less sluggish. I think I look better, who knows if it's really working as long as I am happy right? I don't feel like I have anyone to impress. I know there is Daniel, but I impress him with how fun I am or how well we can talk together, not if I am skinny. I mean this is the guy who has still not picked up on the fact that I wear blush everyday, but like once every 2 or 3 months he will ask "are you wearing blush today?" Trust me he'll just like me for who I am. I mean thats why he started dating me.

Anyways, I am on a diet, eating everything I still love, just drinking some water, peeing a lot, and enjoying the whole process.

I printed out all these healthy foods to buy at the market, I just want to go to the market now just to test everything out for myself.

I did read one thing that totally grossed me out though is this. Please I advise you not to drink this if you plan on living for a very long time. There are 73 ingredients in one little shake......and 2,310 calories. Ekkk...I'm done now. I feel neausous..

update: I found out that average women should only have 1940 calories a day...


Nunthin exciting

I just put together a little bit of the wishlist on Amazon.com, that I would like to own someday.

Kind of my own personal one that I can give me a money goal to get these things.

The first thing on my list is to get a digital camera...let me clarify that...and SLR digital camera. So Daniel and I will be taking 50 dollars every month out of our paychecks to save up for our own digital SLR camera, because we are sharers. And why waste money on two when you take pictures together?

He doesn't realize this, but it will most likely be mine mostly...shhh. Don't tell him.

I don't know, I was bored at work today and decided that I would like an easy list to reference when I am thinking about spending money on something I don't need and just save that for something I really want.

I took an exam last night in my Sociology class and I probably failed because I didn't study. I had to finish late christmas presents and that was more important to me apparently. I really don't need to pass Sociology because I already have the credit for a Sociology class towards my AA, just taking it because I love the subject. Not like I don't want to pass either, I just didn't study for this one test ok, give me some slack.

Going to San Fransisco this weekend, I am uber excited. I plan to see so much and explore so much. Daniel and I really want to go to China Town because it is so awesome there. We are going to purchase lots of polaroid film for his Mamiya and take loads and loads of pictures around San Fransisco. I want to make magnets out of some that I take (I have been making magnets lately out of pictures).

I love trips with Daniel, especially ones with long drives because we get to listen to lots of music, zone out on the scenery, sing/dance in the car, stop a lot and take pictures, smile, and just enjoy each others company. I am happy he feels the same way I do about driving for a long time because then my ride would not be so fun. The longer the better, especially for listening to CD's that have 2 discs for one song or an 18min song. It's perfect!

I cannot wait!!!!! I am getting myself super pumped. We leave friday afternoon. Pray that we have a safe trip there and back. Hopefully I'll get to post some pictures from there, but I am really lazy and usually never get around to doing so until months after. Goodbye.



For some odd reason I stumble across things on the internet I have no intentions of finding. The same thing occurs when I look at etsy I just find random things on there and I forget how I ended up there.

So I found this randomly awesome website, where these people, Jeremy & Claire Weiss have taken a whole lot of polaroids with a large format camera, on 4x5 polaroid film. They photographed artists, actors, photographers, models, skate boarders, athletes, and others. I don't know I found it pretty interesting. You can read more about the project here.

Some people that caught my eye were pictures of Jack Black, David Cross (Arrested Development lovers?), David Lynch, and even Jim Smith, founder of The Smell which is an LA venue, which show cases a lot of LA bands. It's a really great place to go.

The funniest portrait I saw though was that of Slash. That guy just has ridiculous hair..sorry Mickey, I don't think Slash is a very cool guy.

So I hope you enjoy looking through those pictures because I did. If not, oh well.

p.s. I've been thinking of changing my blogger address from nay-ners to something else. Any ideas?


If there is ever a time to spoil me...

...it would be to buy me one of these ridiculously amazing rings or this completely awesome sushi necklace (each word is a link)

That jewelry is so well detailed. I wonder how they do it?

So I think I drank spoiled water. I didn't mean to drink it, but I used old water to mix with my soup...it tasted terrible and now I feel nauseous.

I started school monday and I already have an essay due next monday. Welcome to winter courses.

I sliced my finger with a thick folder. I have never seen so much blood from a paper cut before, I was thinking that maybe I cut a vital vein, but it's just my thumb that was cut so that was ruled out.

I rearranged my office because Christmas is officially over, I'd like to show you sometime, but I've been sort of too lazy.

You know this was supposed to be just a post about that cool jewelry, but I ended up kind of blabbing about my day, sorry.

More from me in the future. Goodbye.


Endangering my life

Just a really quick post to say that I am so lucky to be alive today. I fell asleep while driving to work and swerved into on coming traffic on a two lane high way.....I woke up just in time to see a white car headed right toward me and swerved back into my lane. I think it was a few inches from actually hitting me.

I think I have been way too stressed out lately and overwhelmed with everything going on in my life right now it's making my body and mind so tired.

Please pray for me that this doesn't happen again. I'm really terrifiedd of being seriously injured on one of my drives to work. It's times like these that make me wish I had no stress, no bills, no job. I just wish I could go to school fulltime and just worry about getting good grades.

Oh well, It's the path I've chosen and I know I will make it to the end. I think I'll be the little engine that could.

P.S. Does anyone know what I can do that might keep me awake while driving? I've been to sleep earlier, I've blasted music, I try to drink icy water the whole time, I chew on gum to keep myself busy, but those only work for a while. I am so scared. Today was one of the worst mornings ever.



sorry...I've been absent for a while.

I really have a lot on my mind right now. I'll resume posts once my life and my mind feel less stressed out.

Thanks for understanding.

Happy New Year