After Trip Blues

I was going to post some of the goodies I purchased in San Fransisco, but I have a case of the the After Trip Blues.

It happens when you go away some place you really like with the one person you really love and you get to spend every moment with them in this wonderful place. Then you get back home and go to bed knowing that person wont be there when you wake up and he can't greet you with a smile. Then you wake up the next day and go to work and have to wait until 5:30pm until you see that smile again and hold that person so close to you.

After spending three and a half days with Daniel, with non-stop fun and laughter and cuddling and talking and exploring and picture taking, it is really hard for me not to miss him. People might think that I am crazy because I enjoy spening so much time with him, but he is the only person who truely makes me feel like I am the only one in this world and that there is no one who could ever compare to me.

It's going to be 2 years for us in a couple of months and I have not once considered spending one day without seeing him (yep, we've seen eachother everyday for 2 years). I love every moment we spend together.

So let me have my after trip blues because I miss Daniel a lot and I enjoy our lovely trips together so much that I wish it would last much longer.

And if you need more of an explanation for why I get so sad read the lyrics to this song because it's the theme song of my life.

Hopefully one day I'll see his smiling face every morning.


Ducking Little said...

I recognise that feeling! My boyfriend now lives overseas until April, and it sucks. But may I ask, why aren't you living together?!? Two years in, that's madness. Remember the financial crisis, you need to save on rent! I agree I should read your blog to find out, but you know, so many blogs, so little time...

daniel said...

i had an incredible time, and i g ot the blues too now. that song is exactly what i want as well. It describes our life precisely. We had a wonderful time together and i can't wait to see you tonight. even though we have class...