A cubicle holds many things.

Today while I was taking my lunch I decided to take pictures of some things in my little cubicle.

Yes I spend my lunch in my cubicle, yes I have an hour and a half to do as I please, BUT I rarely leave my desk. There are a few reasons

1. I really hate getting up, starting my car, driving somewhere, getting out, waiting for food, getting back in the car, then back out. I am so lazy that I am even surprised I get out of my chair to go home. Luckily when I am out of work I am a lot more active.

2. I live an hour away from where I work so I can't just go home

3. I don't like to waste my money on food (only occasionally) so I am stuck in here by choice.

4. The best thing is I get to surf the web guilt free, meaning I am not wasting company time while surfing the web on my lunch...I still do it when I am working, but not as much.

Anyways...those are my explainations of why I stay inside. I hope this doesn't follow me outside of work. Maybe one day you'll hear that I've turned into a recluse. Lets hope for the best though.

So I was looking around my desk and decided to share a few things that you'll find in my office.

1. The coolest clock on the planet:

2. Me hanging loose in some slippers. Oh how I love my slippers. Of course I throw on the old high heels whenever I have to look professional. Mostly when moving away from my desk.

3. You can find me doing some sort of craft in my office occasionally. Today I am working on a sewing project, tomorrow I can be drawing. The possibilities are endless in my world.

4. Lots and LOTS and a WHOLE LOT of water...I think this will last me forever. (hello discarded high heels!)

5. Last, but definitely not least, is my mini shrine to my love. So people can see how cute he is. That's really not the reason, but I can pretend. I just look over at it and smile everytime because I enjoy his cuteness.

That's a little bit of my office for you. It's my home away from home. My work/lunch station. My art table. Whatever, I like my cubicle and all that occupies it.
P.S. Wish me luck on my Sociology Exam, it might give me some good vibes so I can pass.


Julie said...

Thanks for the tour of your cubicle. I enjoyed it. I want one of those clocks for my living room wall unit. I have a clock on it but that one is perfect!! Where did you get it?
cute slippers.
You probably wouldn't be as relaxed during your lunch hour if you went out all the time (once in a while with a friend might be nice) You would probably feel rushed.

mom said...

I also wanted to start doing crafts on my lunch hour, especially, when I don't workout at lunch. I been wanting to work on scrapbooking crafts (not picture pages for a photo album)but, cards and gift tags. I love my cubicle also, I change things around, for different holidays.

daniel said...

Love seeing your office. I bet it feels so cool to have that whole space to yourself. CAn't wait till the weekedn, Love you

Julie said...

You and your mom are alot alike.