Grossed out

I am reading all about bad foods for you and how many calories they have and I am completely grossed out. It's kind of making me so not hungry.

If you haven't heard I am on a diet. I was planning on talking about it in a New Years resolution post, but never got around to finishing it...I definitely still plan to because there are people who made 2008 so wonderful that they really need to be mentioned soon.

Anyways I am reading all about healthy foods to buy from the market, because I like to buy foods and make things at home rather than eat fast food. And what to drink because I gave up soda...it's been hard and I'll have one occasionally because I can't just quit cold turkey. Occasionally as in maybe I'll have two sodas total on the weekend. No soda on the weekdays, just water and plain tea. FUN!!!!

It's been a few weeks of this and it seems to be working. Water is starting to taste less bland to me and my body feels a lot cleaner. I'm less sluggish. I think I look better, who knows if it's really working as long as I am happy right? I don't feel like I have anyone to impress. I know there is Daniel, but I impress him with how fun I am or how well we can talk together, not if I am skinny. I mean this is the guy who has still not picked up on the fact that I wear blush everyday, but like once every 2 or 3 months he will ask "are you wearing blush today?" Trust me he'll just like me for who I am. I mean thats why he started dating me.

Anyways, I am on a diet, eating everything I still love, just drinking some water, peeing a lot, and enjoying the whole process.

I printed out all these healthy foods to buy at the market, I just want to go to the market now just to test everything out for myself.

I did read one thing that totally grossed me out though is this. Please I advise you not to drink this if you plan on living for a very long time. There are 73 ingredients in one little shake......and 2,310 calories. Ekkk...I'm done now. I feel neausous..

update: I found out that average women should only have 1940 calories a day...


Amy T Schubert said...

so ... as someone who has been making better food decisions for about 6 months or so ...

... I'm bored with it already.

I want to have an oreo shake without thinking about how bad it is for me.

good luck!!