I Love Polaroids

They're instant, they're all unique, and they come in many shapes and sizes (the camera/the picture size).
One other thing I love about them is the fact that they accompanied me on my way back from San Fransisco. I can't say the same for my digital camera or scarves that I purchased, as of late they are AWOL!

So I scanned all of the polaroids that Daniel and I took. Me using something like this and Daniel using his Mamiya RZ67, with a polaroid back

Both make different and interesting pictures. His are definitely more crisp though....by a long shot. You can also tell the difference by the fact that he doesn't have that long white bottom in his polaroids.

The first day we took the transit system called BART into the city. We walked around china town and purchased a lot of awesome gifts. I purchased three of the cutest owl mugs that were ever made on this planet.

The next day Daniel and I spent over 12hours wondering the city. From Haight St. to Market St., We went all over. I don't think I've walked that long in such a long time and I didn't bring the most comfortable shoes, but you live and learn I guess.
The nights are absolutely beautiful. We just walk around holding hands dreaming of our future together. For some reason we become inspired everytime we go to San Fransisco.

We left in the afternoon on Monday and stopped to take a few shots along the rode. This is a habit that Daniel does on all of our long drives. It's one of my favorites. You get to stretch, smell fresh air, and look at all things beautiful around you.

One time Daniel and I tried to walk to the far away mountain to see if it was as close as it appears. 30 minutes passed and it seemed to go farther and farther back the more we walked.

Our trip was full of so much fun. I almost thought we lived there. Keep on dreaming Jenae...maybe one day.

Also there are more polaroid shots on my flickr. So check it out I guess, or not. Whatever you choose is fine with me.


Daniel said...

great post! I loved our time up there and poloroids are great. Using both cameras are fun because they are sooo diferent. Love you and I can't wait till our next trip.

Julie said...

Loved the pictures. I hope you find your camera and scarves. Hopefully, they will turn up soon.
It's cute how you two walk around, holding hands and dreaming of the future. I know you would both love to live in S.F.
Have a great day.

daniel said...

the poloroid of you and the cruize on the top is adorable

daniel said...

i love your new heading

Nicole said...

Your photos are amazing! I'm so impressed.

m said...

Make a post everyday, cause I love looking at your pictures and reading you blog.