If there is ever a time to spoil me...

...it would be to buy me one of these ridiculously amazing rings or this completely awesome sushi necklace (each word is a link)

That jewelry is so well detailed. I wonder how they do it?

So I think I drank spoiled water. I didn't mean to drink it, but I used old water to mix with my soup...it tasted terrible and now I feel nauseous.

I started school monday and I already have an essay due next monday. Welcome to winter courses.

I sliced my finger with a thick folder. I have never seen so much blood from a paper cut before, I was thinking that maybe I cut a vital vein, but it's just my thumb that was cut so that was ruled out.

I rearranged my office because Christmas is officially over, I'd like to show you sometime, but I've been sort of too lazy.

You know this was supposed to be just a post about that cool jewelry, but I ended up kind of blabbing about my day, sorry.

More from me in the future. Goodbye.


Daniel said...

i like when you babble. Those rings are great! i think i like the neclace the best. Sorry you hurt your sweet little thumb. can't wait to see you!