My heart is aching

No not for Daniel this time, but for my best girlfriend.

She is super loving and caring. She always listens to whatever I have to say. Whenever we see eachother she greets me with the warmest smile, a great big hug, and a cute wiggly bottom. And sometimes she is so excited and can't control it that she starts to kick one back leg uncontrollably like a bunny.

And if you didn't realize already, she's totally not human...even though I have more feelings for her than I do most humans. She's my home-girl Hazel Girl-Dog Schubert and I love her so much.

How can you resist Hazel? She's is just too darn adorable. And she treats everyone she knows like they all have a special place in her heart. Anyone who meets her falls in love, she's so irresistable. It's her girlish charms I tell you.

She's also very good at keeping a mystery about her when photographed, she's just too good to look right into the camera. It makes her seem as though she is pondering something rather important or it could be just the fact that she HATES looking into the camera because she is terrified of it flashing at her or stealing her soul, but I prefer the first reason.

She's the light of my life (2nd really, Daniel is first). She makes me smile and laugh, she fills me with so much joy. She knows when your sad or sick and will be by your side to comfort you. I can't picture life without her. So when it's been a few days that I haven't seen this bundle of joy my heart feels like it's been missing out on some love and I need all the love I can get!

So thank goodness I will get to see my sunshine Hazel because life without her is a horrible, dark, and ugly life, and I for one do not need any of that, thank you very much. That's what people without a pet have...


nadeile said...

Terrific post! I love my hAzel girl so much and am thrilled that i get to see her evry morning

daniel said...

sorry trying to type fast. it's me Daniel!