Nunthin exciting

I just put together a little bit of the wishlist on Amazon.com, that I would like to own someday.

Kind of my own personal one that I can give me a money goal to get these things.

The first thing on my list is to get a digital camera...let me clarify that...and SLR digital camera. So Daniel and I will be taking 50 dollars every month out of our paychecks to save up for our own digital SLR camera, because we are sharers. And why waste money on two when you take pictures together?

He doesn't realize this, but it will most likely be mine mostly...shhh. Don't tell him.

I don't know, I was bored at work today and decided that I would like an easy list to reference when I am thinking about spending money on something I don't need and just save that for something I really want.

I took an exam last night in my Sociology class and I probably failed because I didn't study. I had to finish late christmas presents and that was more important to me apparently. I really don't need to pass Sociology because I already have the credit for a Sociology class towards my AA, just taking it because I love the subject. Not like I don't want to pass either, I just didn't study for this one test ok, give me some slack.

Going to San Fransisco this weekend, I am uber excited. I plan to see so much and explore so much. Daniel and I really want to go to China Town because it is so awesome there. We are going to purchase lots of polaroid film for his Mamiya and take loads and loads of pictures around San Fransisco. I want to make magnets out of some that I take (I have been making magnets lately out of pictures).

I love trips with Daniel, especially ones with long drives because we get to listen to lots of music, zone out on the scenery, sing/dance in the car, stop a lot and take pictures, smile, and just enjoy each others company. I am happy he feels the same way I do about driving for a long time because then my ride would not be so fun. The longer the better, especially for listening to CD's that have 2 discs for one song or an 18min song. It's perfect!

I cannot wait!!!!! I am getting myself super pumped. We leave friday afternoon. Pray that we have a safe trip there and back. Hopefully I'll get to post some pictures from there, but I am really lazy and usually never get around to doing so until months after. Goodbye.


Julie said...

It was very important to finish your project. I glad you did it.
It was just one test out of many, I am sure you will get a good grade in the class and like you said you don't need the class you are just taking it because you are interested in it.
Have fun this weekend. You will be in my prayers.

daniel said...

i am so excited for the trip as well. Good news you didn't do too bad afterall on youir test. Really good actually for not studying. well have a great last full day at work. love you lots