For some odd reason I stumble across things on the internet I have no intentions of finding. The same thing occurs when I look at etsy I just find random things on there and I forget how I ended up there.

So I found this randomly awesome website, where these people, Jeremy & Claire Weiss have taken a whole lot of polaroids with a large format camera, on 4x5 polaroid film. They photographed artists, actors, photographers, models, skate boarders, athletes, and others. I don't know I found it pretty interesting. You can read more about the project here.

Some people that caught my eye were pictures of Jack Black, David Cross (Arrested Development lovers?), David Lynch, and even Jim Smith, founder of The Smell which is an LA venue, which show cases a lot of LA bands. It's a really great place to go.

The funniest portrait I saw though was that of Slash. That guy just has ridiculous hair..sorry Mickey, I don't think Slash is a very cool guy.

So I hope you enjoy looking through those pictures because I did. If not, oh well.

p.s. I've been thinking of changing my blogger address from nay-ners to something else. Any ideas?


daniel said...

thats a pretty interesting find. I like some of their stuff alot. Slash is so ridiculous. leave it to someone named mickey lee to like him. Love you girl. can't wait to see you soon. and i can't wait to take tons of poloroids in san fran with you.

daniel said...

i will try to help you think of somethin else but just so you know i like nayners alot.

mom said...

After I stumbled over all the pictures in that web site I found this crazy guy named Devendra Banhart. You should check out his web site.