Completing Tasks

I've been working on editing some photo's I've neglected for quite some time. Still not done, but it feels nice to be close to finished.

I've also been an extremely terrible blogger lately, neglecting the internet kind of sucks. I really enjoying sharing some part of me on here.

So I'm not about to blog a whole lot, just share some pictures I liked.

This one is of my baby brother Diego, doing the TIGER CLAW attack:

My Pop's on the Grill, it's such a cool grill:

Mickey being a complete dork, this is he's rocker disguise and if you can't tell he gets really into it, so much so he pushed me out of the shot because "the rocker" thinks he needs all the spotlight:

This is my dolled up sister Brooke, I forced make-up on her, not too bad looking:

This is normal Brooke, with no make-up, I like her more this way:

So, those are just a few of my favorites that I edited.

More for tomorrow about Valentines. I finally came up with what I would create for Daniel, but i would like to show some pictures of last years craft I made him for Valentines Day. That's all, til tomorrow!


Daniel said...

they look good girl. Isn't it a terrifc feeling to catch up on stuff? I Love it! can't wait to see you later, toobad we have boring math for three hours tonight.