Is my middle name, or at least it will be for this year and hopefully many years that follow.

If you haven't noticed I've been attacked by a creative bug and it's infested my entire thinking process, which involves me looking at everything and saying "Hmm...I really think I can make that..." And since Daniel and I have been going to Barnes and Noble, whenever we have free time (we try to go everyday), I've been looking at craft books. OHHHHH man I am so inspired that it's all I think about all day long...ok not entirely because I think about Daniel and also Twilight a lot, but it does drive me insane because I want to constantly be working on a project.

So this is what I have decided to do about it. I'm going to spend this whole year learning how to do everything my heart desires.
In no particular order this is what I want to accomplish, crafting wise:

-Re-upholster a chair

-Make lots of stuffed animals (I've made one so far)

-Make clothing

-Make a scrapbook, or something a long those lines

-Create my own stamps

-Take lots of pictures of sunsets (I have an idea of showing the difference everyday makes to the sky)

-Make a quilt

-Make a Fabric headboard for a bed

I think that's pretty much it, if I think up some more I'll let you know, or if you have any good ideas please share with me.

I really hope I can at least accomplish some of these crafts.

There will be no creating today though, because tonight Daniel, Mickey, and I will be going to The Smell to watch Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth perform. So excited, hopefully we'll be able to get in. I don't know how popular this show will be. Wish us luck that we get in!

All I know is that I don't know what I just signed myself up for by agreeing to going tonight...I need to be prepared to have my ears talked off by the Love Twins (Daniel and Mickey) who have never ending conversations about music and photography. I think it's safe to say that I know everything about both now...ok...not everything, but I've heard enough to feel pretty dang knowledgeable.


daniel said...

i love working on creative things with you. I will try to help as nuch as i can so we can complete them all. C'mon You know you have fun with us. we're going to have a great weekend, even though we have class..