I just had a bloody nose...an intense bloody nose at 8AM!!!!

I just wanted to explain how annoying they are. They all of a sudden creep up and they don't come out slowly, oh no, it's like someone turned the faucet on all the way so that it comes shooting out with so much force, like a stream....or waterfall since it's kind of in that sort of position.

AND since I happen to be the most unlucky person I know it not only ends up all over my nose and mouth, down my chin, it also ends up all over the front of my shirt. I think it's motto is the same one that's used for Carls Jr. "If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face." Yeah..that's definitely it's motto.

I know this is probably Too Much Info for you all, but that's my morning so far.


daniel said...

I'm sorry nay. You always get the worst nose bleeds. I remeber when we used to work the truck at michaels together in the summer. I'd felt so bad for you. you would get horrible bleeders. well anyways, love you sweets. i had an incredible weekend with you.