We're going to Pasadena tonight to have some good 'ol fun with Daniel's old friend Linz.

This was taken the last time we were down there. It's such a beautiful city. AND how can you go wrong with a two-story Forever21?

Sorry I'm a super lame blogger, finals this week are stressing me out. I also had to take a test today so I could get a raise. Hopefully I get it, I need more money because I barely live paycheck to paycheck and someday I'd like to live on my own.

Someday...well I'm off to kiss the tests goodbye and say HEEELLLOOO PASADENA YOU BEAUTIFUL CITY! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?

While I'm at it I'll probably ask Daniel the same question. Where was he?Why was I honestly missing out on so much fun for 19 years? What was he thinking?

p.s. Already on to the third book of the Twiligh Series. I seem to have a new annoyance with each book I read...right now it's Selfish Bella....hah...I'm a dork.


daniel said...

i had such an awesome time in pasadena with you. I love when we go places. you are a dork and im sure you did great on your test. Also, I know we met at the right and perfect time that we were supposed to. love ya