Too good to talk

...Sorry, not that I'm too good to talk, it's just that something else is so wonderful that it's keeping me from posting anything.

I'd like you all to blame my non-posting on theTwilight Series.

Yeah....I've been bitten, no pun intended. (It's based on vampires? get it?)

Anyways, I'm going back to fantasy land, it's so much more fun than blogging about my actual life.

**Posts will resume when I stop reading all the books...I'm kidding, seriously! I plan on blogging sometime today. This one doesn't count.


mom said...

Finally, I am waiting patiently. I know how it is when you are reading a good book, I stop washing dishes, clothes, etc., just so I can finish my book.

daniel said...

i miss your posts. but im happy your involved in a book its such a great feeling! oh you and your puns.