Valentines Day

So last Valentines Day I made something special for Daniel and I think he loved it, and if he didn't I really just love the way it turned out.
I think I prefer homemade things for Valentines Day. I think because it looks like you put more of your heart and mind into creating something unique and special for the one you love, but that's just my preference. And I'm not saying that if Daniel wanted to get me fancy things I would dismiss it (Daniel I still like fancy things!!!!).

So first off I purchased this box set from the Martha Stewart section at Michaels. (I think this item is seasonal and only comes around Valentines.)

Then I purchased variations of reds and pinks and hearts and lovey dovey scrap book paper.

Then the last step was to write down lyrics to every song that has ever been "Our Song" or just reminds me of good times or just silly songs that are sort of inside jokes. Then I would write which artist sang it. I think it would be good to know for the future because I easily forget old music and we can be like "Hey remember when we first started dating and "Anthem for a Seventeen-year old" was Our Song?" and Daniel will say "yeah, totally!" then he'll wink or something. Man I can't wait!
Any ways, back to reality I then went to work.

I got rid of all the unnecessary junk inside the kit and just worked with the box, it was some off-white color and it was just too boring for my taste, so I cut a heart shape out of the scrap paper and pasted on top.

Which turned out like this:

The last process was to trace the heart shape so I can fit other scrap paper inside with my song lyrics, then used that sheet as a stencil for all of the others. Which in turn created all of these:
If you have never listen to Neutral Milk Hotel's version of this song you're totally missing out. It's one sweet song. (Above)

If you are reading the Jim O'Rourke lyric (Above) and thinking "What The...?" Don't think any harder about it. For some strange reason Daniel caught my attention with the crazy lyrics Jim O'Rourke had, he would quote them to me while we were friends (we have a strange sense of humor). It does say sweet though!

So those are some of my hearts that I made. There are more here.
I hope the new craft I make will be as successful. Wish me luck! And I hope everyone else has a lovely Valentines Day as well, even if you don't have someone. I feel like tomorrow is just a day of love, show your dog/cat or family you love them. Everyone needs some love.
I feel bad for Daniel because I'll end up giving Hazel most of my lovin. Sorry dude.


Daniel said...

That was one of my favorite presents ever. Love you