Valentines Weekend / Twilight?

So Daniel kicked off Valentines day by "accidentally" biting my lip, which in turn made it bleed. I think we've been reading too much Twilight lately and we can just blame it on that.

Speaking of Twilight, I've finally finished all four books + edwards side from book 1. I am actually extremely sad the whole experience is over, it was so much fun while it lasted. I actually started to read slower towards the last few chapters of the 4th book, but then I just really wanted to know how it ended so I raced right to it.

Now that I've read it I want to let everyone know that IT'S NOT LIKE HARRY POTTER. Unless you count the part where there's more than one book to the whole thing and that it's become super popular. The only thing they have in common is the fact that Rob Pattinson places Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie and Cedric Diggery in the Harry Potter movie, but just because they have the same actor does not mean that they are about the same thing. So read it if you were afraid it was just like Harry Potter.

Speaking of Rob Pattinson, I think I've finally developed an actor crush! I've never had one before...well I've had a television actor crush and now this is a movie actor crush? Ugh, don't know, don't care. All I know is he's cute and when I watch him in the movie I think I blush everytime he smiles....ridiculous! (P.S. he's the one on the right)
Anyways, back to Valentines Day, Daniel made me a box out of metal which has stacks of paper in it with lovey dovey notes on each sheet, but I can only read one a day, which is so exciting! I told you hand made things are the best presents.
We spent all weekend tied to the hip (until bed time when we separate to sleep in our own houses). We went to LACMA, to a wonderful used bookstore in Glendale, We finally fixed my car so it no longer screeches whenever I turn it on, we watched Twilight online because I can't get enough, we read books in Barnes & Noble, we just had a fun filled weekend. So when 10:30 pm hit last night I wasn't ready to go back to work the next day and Daniel wasn't either. I can't help but love spending all my time with Daniel, he makes me the happiest woman among all women.
I wonder if I can start a "Bring your Daniel to work Day!"?


daniel said...

I had a great time too and i am glad you liked your present. Love you.