Daniel and I spent an afternoon driving around L.A. looking for some shots for his previously mentioned photo project.
The sun was beginning to set which makes the buildings look amazing. I love L.A. to begin with, but at sunset the whole city glows quite nicely. AND I love sunsets! I got the best of both worlds. Thank you Miley Cyrus for that saying because Daniel and I try to use it as much as possible.
So I just wanted to show a few pictures from that day. We only got a few because I don't like stopping in parts of town that I feel I could get mugged...I'm really scared of this world and the people in it sometimes. I sould probably stop watching Criminal Minds.

I love the color of these buildings. (Daniel took this picture)

We then went up to the Griffth Observatory. (I took this one)

Daniel took this picture. He says he doesn't like it, but Mickey and I both love it. I think it's incredible, what do you think?

I told you that sunset is so beautiful. Makes me heart fill up with warmth. How about you? Is your heart all warm inside now?

I hope so.


If you want to see these pictures larger you can look here, here, and here


Photo Projects

As long as Daniel and I have been dating (2 years), he has been actively pursuing photography. At the beginning of our relationship though, he was still very unsure if this was the route he wanted to take, but I think gradually over time he realized that this was his passion.

He just keeps getting better and better with time and he's always amazing me with each new project he accomplishes.

Along the way, through a photography class, Daniel met Mickey. Eventually they started to help eachother out with their projects and it's really nice to know that Daniel has someone to bounce ideas off of because I don't know anything about photography. When they get together it's like two teen girls talking about boys, except their two boys talking about photography.

So when Daniel was given the task to take pictures so that it tells a story, Daniel and I began brain storming. We came up with the perfect idea, we could ask Mickey if we could turn his still life portraits into real-life portraits. Mickey's still life was about a boy, (made of clay) who lived in a sewer(made of paper), and what his life was like.

So he said yes, then they brain stormed for two days (while I zoned out), Daniel found the place to shoot the scenes, they've spent hours creating the boys home, and we've been in the scariest and darkest sewer on the planet (they were yelling about spiders the first time they went down there), and it's still not over with, but I wanted to share some photo's of the experience.

Oh, one more thing I can't believe I've been in a sewer, but I love being able to help out. I'll point myself out when I'm being a helpful girlfriend and trying to forget I'm completely claustrophobic. Oh, and Mickey's brother plays the boy.

This is his room, they spent a whole week creating the whole thing:

I'm the pinkish-red light in this shot!!! (below):

I really love this picture. It's so beautiful.

You are all super lucky that Daniel didn't upload the fish pictures. Oh man, but when he does, brace yourselves, it's totally gross and totally real...Oh, and totally cut open. I'm so glad I don't become grossed out too easily.


Because there's nothing better to do

I feel like I've been really un-inspired to blog lately, or maybe I just haven't been doing anything too exciting. So I thought about it for a little bit and realized that I'm just being super lazy! Which is totally normal for me, I just keep making excuses not to do something.

So my excuse for not blogging is that my life is just totally boring and there is nothing to blog about....but this is a lie. Well, at least I don't think my life is boring.

Daniel and I did something super fun this weekend with his friend Linz. We took him to Stoney Point down in Chatsworth (I think it's funny that this is on wikipedia, better yet, what isn't on wikipedia?). Everytime we go I fall in love with this place more and more. It's an amazing hiking/climbing trial with so many ways to make it up to the top occording to your level of expertise.

Since I'm only a beginner, because I will not throw my body with the chances of getting extremely hurt, we sort of take easier ways...well...sometimes. The boys on the other hand will throw their bodys wherever..well, because they are boys and boys tend to not care if they fall, which they never do because they are so good or experienced.

Everytime we go there are the EXTREME rock climbers and it makes me want to get better and better so that I can be EXTREME one day.

I just don't know if I'll ever be ready for EXTREME climbing yet, but what I can do right now is eat some EXTREME dorritos and I'll be able to make it out alive and without a scratch.



I don't know what to feel today.

I don't know whether to cry or just be happy.

I wish I was with Daniel, even though he is acting like nothing is bothering him...though it's bothering me.

I don't think I'll ever be able to accept losing someone, ever.


I'm a cry baby

Almost anything slightly emotional makes me cry. I am really affected by others emotion's, sappy commercials, really emotional love movies, and when something wonderful happens to someone in need.

So when I read The Pioneer Woman's blog, I totally almost cried...so there were tears, but I just can't help it.

Is it because I'm a girl? Maybe. Or maybe it's because I'm just emotionally imbalanced. Either way, I just can't help the water from flowing half the time....I just hope it doesn't get worse with age.


Wonderful Weekend

Daniel and I had the pleasure of watching over Katie's apartment while she was visiting Las Vegas last weekend. Part of the perks was being able to take care of her cute cat Gizmo.

I mean, just look at the guy, he has cute written all over him.

He also has "love you" coming out his neck....Anyways, he was so sweet and actually let me pet him (I've been to Katies many times before and he was never as loving as he was this last time). He put me under his spell and I can't wait to see him again...and Katie too.

I used to not care so much for cats, but Giz totally changed my mind. Thanks little guy.

It was a lovely weekend, filled with Daniel, relaxation, and some beach time, what more can a girl ask for?

In other news I'm reading Helter Skelter right now and I am totally convinced that those people are freaky...like super freaky. And then I started thinking if/when they broke free from their freaky selves, or how they feel nowadays. Such a strange thing to read about, I don't like the idea that there are people in this world who could do such horrible things and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

To end this in a positive note (because that up there was weird) this friday=two-years of Daniel and Jenae being so happy. Also meaning it's our two-year anniversary. It's sort of unreal to me that I've met someone so perfect and he loves me too.


Quick Post

I just love how within 15 minutes of my work I can be on a deserted road to nowhere. Great for thinking and listening to music with the windows down.

p.s. sorry for the terrible camera phone pictures...my digital camera is dead because I can't charge the battery...because I lost the charger...


9-5 Nay

It's who I am...well not really, but it is a major part of my life and occupies a lot of my time...it's my job.

And considering that I spend so much time here and it's where I do a majority of my blogging (on lunch), I thought I'd show a little bit of what 9-5 nay looks like...a nerd. Or way too serious? It's just not me...especially on days where I wear the most stereotypical secretary outfits, like I have the past two days.
This is me on monday looking way too serious. Someone really needs to tell this girl a joke or tell her to turn that frown upside-down.

This is me in the rest-room being kind of a dork. I actually look like I'm enjoying myself...

....it probably has something to do with the fact that I went shopping on my lunch break and purchased some cute accessories. Daniel probably already guessed that just by looking at the photo. He happens to know whenever I've bought something I think is cute because apparently I have a glow about me when I do.

It only happens when things work out while shopping. When everything doesn't fit right or look cute...well...you probably don't want to be near me because I'll be fairly upset and have the ugliest face on that day. Oh the joys of being a girl and occasionally self-concious.

How did we get on to this topic?

Back to work, literally....


Urban Obsessions

I absolutely love Urban Outfitters, but I don't know if I am the only one who thinks it's super expensive. Not that I don't think that it's worth the price, I just have more important things to pay for...like bills and even more bills. So I mostly just end up clicking through all of the items online and add them to a wishlist that will hopefully one day end up in my possession.

I always end up in one section, which is home furnishing or just things to decorate an apartment or a house with, which I currently don't own either. So it makes me feel a little better that I shouldn't really purchase any of it because where would it go?

Here are a few things I dream of having in a home/apartment one day.

There are plenty more that I completely adore, actually if I could I'd have it all.

But we have to be realistic here and times like this just keep me motivated to push myself harder and keep going to school and reach all my goals and never give up. And it's not just for these things above, it's so I can look back on my life and smile because I pushed myself to do my very best....and hopefully while I am looking back I'm sitting in that cute little yellow couch.