I'm a cry baby

Almost anything slightly emotional makes me cry. I am really affected by others emotion's, sappy commercials, really emotional love movies, and when something wonderful happens to someone in need.

So when I read The Pioneer Woman's blog, I totally almost cried...so there were tears, but I just can't help it.

Is it because I'm a girl? Maybe. Or maybe it's because I'm just emotionally imbalanced. Either way, I just can't help the water from flowing half the time....I just hope it doesn't get worse with age.


Julie said...

I was so, so sad when Nell went missing and I cried and prayed that she would go home to her family and that she would be safe.
I am happy they found another 'Nell' but as I was reading I was hoping it was the original Nell who finally found her way home.

Jenae said...

i was hooping that it was nell too, but everyone just looks so happy it's almost just like it was nell.

daniel said...

You two are cute. Jenae you are a cry baby but i think its really sweet. love you nay hope you have a great day!