Daniel and I spent an afternoon driving around L.A. looking for some shots for his previously mentioned photo project.
The sun was beginning to set which makes the buildings look amazing. I love L.A. to begin with, but at sunset the whole city glows quite nicely. AND I love sunsets! I got the best of both worlds. Thank you Miley Cyrus for that saying because Daniel and I try to use it as much as possible.
So I just wanted to show a few pictures from that day. We only got a few because I don't like stopping in parts of town that I feel I could get mugged...I'm really scared of this world and the people in it sometimes. I sould probably stop watching Criminal Minds.

I love the color of these buildings. (Daniel took this picture)

We then went up to the Griffth Observatory. (I took this one)

Daniel took this picture. He says he doesn't like it, but Mickey and I both love it. I think it's incredible, what do you think?

I told you that sunset is so beautiful. Makes me heart fill up with warmth. How about you? Is your heart all warm inside now?

I hope so.


If you want to see these pictures larger you can look here, here, and here


mom said...

Great pictures. Miss you guys.

Daniel said...

your image of griffith observatory is really nice. Hope you have a great day at work. Can't wait to see you.