Photo Projects

As long as Daniel and I have been dating (2 years), he has been actively pursuing photography. At the beginning of our relationship though, he was still very unsure if this was the route he wanted to take, but I think gradually over time he realized that this was his passion.

He just keeps getting better and better with time and he's always amazing me with each new project he accomplishes.

Along the way, through a photography class, Daniel met Mickey. Eventually they started to help eachother out with their projects and it's really nice to know that Daniel has someone to bounce ideas off of because I don't know anything about photography. When they get together it's like two teen girls talking about boys, except their two boys talking about photography.

So when Daniel was given the task to take pictures so that it tells a story, Daniel and I began brain storming. We came up with the perfect idea, we could ask Mickey if we could turn his still life portraits into real-life portraits. Mickey's still life was about a boy, (made of clay) who lived in a sewer(made of paper), and what his life was like.

So he said yes, then they brain stormed for two days (while I zoned out), Daniel found the place to shoot the scenes, they've spent hours creating the boys home, and we've been in the scariest and darkest sewer on the planet (they were yelling about spiders the first time they went down there), and it's still not over with, but I wanted to share some photo's of the experience.

Oh, one more thing I can't believe I've been in a sewer, but I love being able to help out. I'll point myself out when I'm being a helpful girlfriend and trying to forget I'm completely claustrophobic. Oh, and Mickey's brother plays the boy.

This is his room, they spent a whole week creating the whole thing:

I'm the pinkish-red light in this shot!!! (below):

I really love this picture. It's so beautiful.

You are all super lucky that Daniel didn't upload the fish pictures. Oh man, but when he does, brace yourselves, it's totally gross and totally real...Oh, and totally cut open. I'm so glad I don't become grossed out too easily.


daniel said...

thanks girl. Your support means everything to me,and i love your help when im working on projects. When im bouncing around ideas with you it helps my brain control and focus on particular concepts. Love you, have a great day. Thanks for the post

Julie said...

I'm glad you posted the pictures. I have been so curious about all of it. I have been trying to picture the boys room in the sewer.