Urban Obsessions

I absolutely love Urban Outfitters, but I don't know if I am the only one who thinks it's super expensive. Not that I don't think that it's worth the price, I just have more important things to pay for...like bills and even more bills. So I mostly just end up clicking through all of the items online and add them to a wishlist that will hopefully one day end up in my possession.

I always end up in one section, which is home furnishing or just things to decorate an apartment or a house with, which I currently don't own either. So it makes me feel a little better that I shouldn't really purchase any of it because where would it go?

Here are a few things I dream of having in a home/apartment one day.

There are plenty more that I completely adore, actually if I could I'd have it all.

But we have to be realistic here and times like this just keep me motivated to push myself harder and keep going to school and reach all my goals and never give up. And it's not just for these things above, it's so I can look back on my life and smile because I pushed myself to do my very best....and hopefully while I am looking back I'm sitting in that cute little yellow couch.


Daniel said...

i really like urban outfitters alot too. i know you will be able to do anything yo want to do. You are extremely motivated and creative.

Julie said...

Oh my, that furniture is so cute! It reminds me of watching The Brady Bunch. I was surprised to see an Urban outfitters store in Burbank on San Fernando Road where all the cute shops and restaurants are. I want to go someday. Do they have sales?
I love you and miss you.

JAMESEE16 said...

great week