It only takes one day...

I came into work this morning, not realizing what news would be just around the corner. After starting up my computer, my second in command boss approached us secretaries with some horrible news...our head boss was in a motorcycle accident last night while driving down a highway.

I'm not sure who found him, all I know is that he's in the hospital now and he is still unconscious. I don't know many details about the whole accident or how it occured, I don't very much enjoy asking those questions.

It's just been really hard for me to think that he was just working here yesterday and he was super healthy...and now he is not doing well at all.

I am just praying that everything works out for the best.


Fascinated Easily

I logged on to Flickr this morning and saw this in the right hand corner: Behind the Scenes: 100 Days of Obama

Just take a look at some of the images. I think they are shot so beautifully and they are shot by White House photographers. And I don't know if that's an official job title or what, but I would not mind being one of those people.

p.s. When I looked at this picture all I could think of was, "Presidents are just like US! They get pulled by their dogs too!"

So now you know Julie that you're not the only person who gets walked by their dog.


I am so...

...Head-over-heels in love...

...with my new pup Louie...

...Who has made my heart so happy...

Welcome to my family little guy.



"Only 8 billion hours left of work and then I'll be home

"That's too long! Take it back!"

"Sorry you've reached the answering machine of Jenae Diaz. She will not be able to get to the phone until her 8 billion hours of work is up. Leave a message after the beep....BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP"

"I don't get it....never mind I get it and it's mean"

Feeling like this two hours of work left will never end. Probably because I have the next two days off of work. Then Daniel and I will leave for Las Vegas to get my new pup, Louie. So excited to see his cute little face.

Wish us a safe trip up there!!!! or that these two hours fly by. Either one will work for me.



Turn that frown upside down! Because you turn TWENTY today!

I hope that everything is perfect for you today because you deserve it. I am so proud of who you have become and what you have accomplished. I'm so happy to be apart of your life and watch you grow into a wonderful person and photographer.

I adore you and words cannot express how proud I am of you. So I'll be quiet now and just tell you Happy Birthday.

You are my best friend and I can't imagine my life without you. Have a wonderful day!

love, naynerd.



You know that you are a completely insane and an overly emotional person when you can't watch this video without getting teary eyed.


A Break

Daniel and I are leaving for Death Valley tomorrow after work and I am so excited to get away for a bit.

Sometimes we just need a little break from our world of SCV. Just driving away from here feels so great. Especially driving for more than a couple hours makes you feel like you're making an escape. Too bad you have to come back.

Next weekend we are heading to Las Vegas because a little package named Louie will be arriving there this Sunday and we are going to leave Thursday and stay until either Saturday night or early Sunday mornin. (Don't worry mom, I will be at your party on time Sunday..because I love you)

I am just super excited to have a couple of fun vacations lined up. They are short, but I don't mind it one bit. Sometimes the longer you are away the more you really don't like going back to work again. We like to keep them short and simple.

I do have one big, long trip I'd like to take in the future. It will involve vacationing FOREVER and I will have to go back to work NEVER, but I guess that's called retiring and I'm only 21 and that trip will not be happening for a very long time.

I can't keep my mind off Death Valley and how many sites I'd like to see. I'm a sucker for the desert, thanks to Daniel. The guy who sent me a text message earlier that said, "I can't wait for death!!!" And when I read that I thought "When did some emo kid take over my boyfriends cell phone?"..it later followed with "Valley..ha"

HA! You got me Daniel! I'm also excited for death....valley too.


Easter Weekend

I've been a bit obsessed with sunsets lately...

I hope everyone had as much of a lovely weekend as I did. I love spending time with family.

I feel like the whole weekend was family in your face, which is great.

My brother Bob turned 19 this weekend. So for ten days Daniel and my brother are the same age...which is almost strange because I look at my brother like he's just a little guy.

And speaking of Daniels birthday, which is in less than ten days. You can now call me "Worst Girlfriend ALIVVVVVEEEE" because I don't have a present for Daniel and I have no idea what to get him.....help. Oh and sorry Daniel for being such a bad procrastinator.

Back to positives, Daniels sister Katie cut my hair right off! As you can see below.

I am pretty sure I love it, it's just strange to look in the mirror and see a different person.

Don't worry she didn't cut away my personality so it's only my looks that have changed not my insides.

On a side note, everytime I spend any time with Daniels mom Julie I just feel so happy to have her in my life. She is so silly and fun and she worries about the eggs and I love her.

I think I am a pretty lucky girl. Now if I can just get myself to remember things I'd have it made.

P.S. Daniels photography is on display at the College of the Canyons art gallery. Tonight's the reception. I'm so proud of him. I don't know how long everything will be up for, but you should check it out.


Sunrise, Sunset

I absolutely love sunsets.

Spring break this week. I am really not feelin blogging this week...kind of pessimistic this week. I just get really negative and no one needs to read negative thoughts of a looney...


The Studio

Daniel and I have decided to spend some time in the studio and take lots and lots of pictures. It could possibly turn into a weekly thing.

So for our first time around we came out with some ok shots. I liked them a lot, Daniel is just a little bit more critical about things than I am so he was kind of like "eh" about it. So that equals "ok"

I personally think they are totally cool, but there are more pictures and they are mostly of me and I don't enjoy looking at pictures of myself very much. They are on my flickr and I wont link them because I really don't want people to look at them because then I will get embarrassed...because I embarrass easily...and then I will probably turn bright red.

Daniel thinks I am cute when I get embarrassed, actually his favorite saying of mine is "You made me all embarrassed." And Boy do I get awkward in that state, I feel like I am in 6th grade all over again...and I was an over weight, uni-browed dork, and it was awkward.

Speaking of embarrassing myself, I happen to do it a lot in my life. And yesterday went along just as much as I expected. We got in line to meet the awesome Heather Armstrong of dooce.com and get her to sign my book. The whole day I felt like I was going to throw up from excitement because I think she is ridiculously hilarious and totally admire her sarcasm. So when I finally made it to the final moment of truth I just kind of sat in silence while she signed my book. Then I think I shouted "I like you blog" once I finally worked up the courage to say anything...oh man...I think I am turning red right now.
Daniel said he could see the process of me working up the courage and said he really wanted to help, but didn't want to ruin the process...He said I looked cute though..

I need to go now because I'm all embarrassed now...

p.s. these definitely look way better bigger:


Photo Project # 124,396

I love this photo.

Daniel and I have spent some time in the studio, trying some things out.

I'll explain more tomorrow, for now, you can just look at me all day. HA!

p.s. I am going to meet her today! Totally excited.


Can you guess who this is?