A Break

Daniel and I are leaving for Death Valley tomorrow after work and I am so excited to get away for a bit.

Sometimes we just need a little break from our world of SCV. Just driving away from here feels so great. Especially driving for more than a couple hours makes you feel like you're making an escape. Too bad you have to come back.

Next weekend we are heading to Las Vegas because a little package named Louie will be arriving there this Sunday and we are going to leave Thursday and stay until either Saturday night or early Sunday mornin. (Don't worry mom, I will be at your party on time Sunday..because I love you)

I am just super excited to have a couple of fun vacations lined up. They are short, but I don't mind it one bit. Sometimes the longer you are away the more you really don't like going back to work again. We like to keep them short and simple.

I do have one big, long trip I'd like to take in the future. It will involve vacationing FOREVER and I will have to go back to work NEVER, but I guess that's called retiring and I'm only 21 and that trip will not be happening for a very long time.

I can't keep my mind off Death Valley and how many sites I'd like to see. I'm a sucker for the desert, thanks to Daniel. The guy who sent me a text message earlier that said, "I can't wait for death!!!" And when I read that I thought "When did some emo kid take over my boyfriends cell phone?"..it later followed with "Valley..ha"

HA! You got me Daniel! I'm also excited for death....valley too.


Daniel said...

It was one of the best trips ever!