Easter Weekend

I've been a bit obsessed with sunsets lately...

I hope everyone had as much of a lovely weekend as I did. I love spending time with family.

I feel like the whole weekend was family in your face, which is great.

My brother Bob turned 19 this weekend. So for ten days Daniel and my brother are the same age...which is almost strange because I look at my brother like he's just a little guy.

And speaking of Daniels birthday, which is in less than ten days. You can now call me "Worst Girlfriend ALIVVVVVEEEE" because I don't have a present for Daniel and I have no idea what to get him.....help. Oh and sorry Daniel for being such a bad procrastinator.

Back to positives, Daniels sister Katie cut my hair right off! As you can see below.

I am pretty sure I love it, it's just strange to look in the mirror and see a different person.

Don't worry she didn't cut away my personality so it's only my looks that have changed not my insides.

On a side note, everytime I spend any time with Daniels mom Julie I just feel so happy to have her in my life. She is so silly and fun and she worries about the eggs and I love her.

I think I am a pretty lucky girl. Now if I can just get myself to remember things I'd have it made.

P.S. Daniels photography is on display at the College of the Canyons art gallery. Tonight's the reception. I'm so proud of him. I don't know how long everything will be up for, but you should check it out.


Daniel said...

It was a super fun weekend and i love your haircut. try to remember to fix mine.

Julie said...

Thank you for spending Easter with us. I ALWAYS love being with you.

I worried about the eggs? I can't imagine why but knowing me I did.

Julie said...

I love your haircut.

Jenae said...

thanks julie.