Fascinated Easily

I logged on to Flickr this morning and saw this in the right hand corner: Behind the Scenes: 100 Days of Obama

Just take a look at some of the images. I think they are shot so beautifully and they are shot by White House photographers. And I don't know if that's an official job title or what, but I would not mind being one of those people.

p.s. When I looked at this picture all I could think of was, "Presidents are just like US! They get pulled by their dogs too!"

So now you know Julie that you're not the only person who gets walked by their dog.


Daniel said...

yeah some of those photos are great. Ha! i like the "presidents are just like us" statement. it would make a great mag section

Julie said...

I guess dogs don't care who you are, they will pull and go where they want to go.
I can't wait to look at all the pictures.