It only takes one day...

I came into work this morning, not realizing what news would be just around the corner. After starting up my computer, my second in command boss approached us secretaries with some horrible news...our head boss was in a motorcycle accident last night while driving down a highway.

I'm not sure who found him, all I know is that he's in the hospital now and he is still unconscious. I don't know many details about the whole accident or how it occured, I don't very much enjoy asking those questions.

It's just been really hard for me to think that he was just working here yesterday and he was super healthy...and now he is not doing well at all.

I am just praying that everything works out for the best.


Julie said...

This is sad news. I understand what you are saying when you say yesterday he was fine now he is in the hospital in critical condition.
Life is like that. Please keep us posted on his condition.