"Only 8 billion hours left of work and then I'll be home

"That's too long! Take it back!"

"Sorry you've reached the answering machine of Jenae Diaz. She will not be able to get to the phone until her 8 billion hours of work is up. Leave a message after the beep....BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP"

"I don't get it....never mind I get it and it's mean"

Feeling like this two hours of work left will never end. Probably because I have the next two days off of work. Then Daniel and I will leave for Las Vegas to get my new pup, Louie. So excited to see his cute little face.

Wish us a safe trip up there!!!! or that these two hours fly by. Either one will work for me.


D(daniel) said...

that conversation sounds familiar...