The Studio

Daniel and I have decided to spend some time in the studio and take lots and lots of pictures. It could possibly turn into a weekly thing.

So for our first time around we came out with some ok shots. I liked them a lot, Daniel is just a little bit more critical about things than I am so he was kind of like "eh" about it. So that equals "ok"

I personally think they are totally cool, but there are more pictures and they are mostly of me and I don't enjoy looking at pictures of myself very much. They are on my flickr and I wont link them because I really don't want people to look at them because then I will get embarrassed...because I embarrass easily...and then I will probably turn bright red.

Daniel thinks I am cute when I get embarrassed, actually his favorite saying of mine is "You made me all embarrassed." And Boy do I get awkward in that state, I feel like I am in 6th grade all over again...and I was an over weight, uni-browed dork, and it was awkward.

Speaking of embarrassing myself, I happen to do it a lot in my life. And yesterday went along just as much as I expected. We got in line to meet the awesome Heather Armstrong of dooce.com and get her to sign my book. The whole day I felt like I was going to throw up from excitement because I think she is ridiculously hilarious and totally admire her sarcasm. So when I finally made it to the final moment of truth I just kind of sat in silence while she signed my book. Then I think I shouted "I like you blog" once I finally worked up the courage to say anything...oh man...I think I am turning red right now.
Daniel said he could see the process of me working up the courage and said he really wanted to help, but didn't want to ruin the process...He said I looked cute though..

I need to go now because I'm all embarrassed now...

p.s. these definitely look way better bigger:


Daniel said...

you're silly cute. I had an incredibel weekend withg you and it was fun seeing dooce. Hope you have a terrifc day. love you