Good News, Bad Faces

If you were to find out that you finally got that promotion you have been waiting for. This would definitely not be the face you would make...

And if you didn't get it the first time around because I'm talking in second person narrative...I finally got that promotion I've been waiting for. So excited.

I still do the same job, just more money...which I need desperately because I'd like to move out sometime in the next year and the more money I have will help with that situation.


And it all came to an end

So over the weekend Daniel and I came up with this bright idea to take control over the treacherous seas of clothes and junk which took over our room over a period of time. I think it was a success. We spent a majority of sunday on Daniels room, which I think turned out great. You can now walk in there without feeling like one wrong move might end up in your death. Monday was spent on my room, and when we were bored we would watch Venture Bros for a little bit. I really wish that I had taken before pictures, but I assume it will all go back to Messville soon enough. At least on my part, because a girl has to dig and throw around a lot of clothes before she finds THE perfect outfit for her day. I happen to do that a lot.

The weekend was also filled with family, garage sales, and exercising. I actually never thought I would say this, but I truly enjoy exercising. You could even say I love exercising. Daniel and I have been running a lot more lately and it's quite theraputic.

Today we are going down to Melrose to look for some workout shorts stores for Daniel because running in jeans isn't really ideal. Wish us luck that he finds the perfect pair!


Fun Fun Fun

Daniel and I will be attending this tonight. Three photographers: Jo Ann Callis, Gay Block, & Catherine Opie talking about Jo Ann Calliss' exhibit up at the Getty called Woman Twirling. I'm excited.

If you are free you should go. Should be fun fun fun. Catch ya'll later.



I think I might pass out right now because of all of my anxiety. It makes me physically nauseous.

Can someone tell me how to stop all of this anxiety? Any techniques?

or...you could pay all of my bills for me, that would totally help...thanks.


Just read this on the Criminal Minds website:


Kind of eased my stress because I know that I am going to have to prepare for some real stress when one of the agents life is in peril, and I'll be freaking out thinking "OH MY GOODNESS WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO? HOW WILL THEY GET OUT OF IT (the peril)?"

And then the season will end with me not knowing because I have to stay tuned for next season...

Just like with The Office last week...it left me thinking, "No they totally are, right?...right???? I mean they didn't say it out loud, but it has to be only that.....right???"

And now you know the two shows that I am totally obsessed with, I wouldn't be able to handle much more TV than that.


Feeling calm

For some reason this picture calms me. Makes me feel like I have no worries in the world. Makes me want to run home and snuggle with Louie and Hazel...especially Hazel because she has a sore throat and I'm sure she is totally hating it right now. I wish I knew her feelings on the whole situation so that I could ease some of the pain. The vet gave her medicine. I hope it works.



Weekend full of friends, family, and photography

I made it out of this weekend with the biggest smile on my face and feeling extremely inspired.

The gallery exhibit that Daniel was apart of in Altadena had such an incredible turn out. There had to have been 400+ people going through the gallery throughout the night. And Daniel and I are so happy that our friend Molly invited Daniel to put his work up. She did such an amazing job getting the whole thing set up and I know a lot of people in Altadena are very happy with the turnout as well. THANKS MOLLY!!!

Saturday night Daniel and I attended the opening reception of the Mysterium exhibit. We went to support Melanie Willhide. Her work was incredible. It was the first time Daniel and I have ever been to an exhibit where we knew someone who had work up...so it was extremely exciting for us.

We met so many amazing people that night and we can't wait to go to future exhibits and mingle with all the awesome people.

Sunday was the last day that the Altadena exhibit was open and the day that most parents showed up to check out their kids work. Daniel's family came + Joe and my mom and sister did as well.

We all went out to the Hat for lunch, which was delicious and probably made me gain like fifty pounds.

After we left the exhibit around 4pm, we went over to Mollys and checked out this little cutie:

It's not a great picture, but it will do. He is so cute and looking for a home actually...if anyone wants a sweet (potty trained) kitty, he's your man. Their neighbor just left him with other kitty's and the mom and took off for Norway...so sad. He's super sweet and playful and he has these really cute long legs and he walks like he's on stilts. I wish I could have him.

Anways, then Daniel and I went home and just let our bodies melt into jelly and became couch potatoes because we were so freakin exhausted from this weekend. It felt so right.

p.s. I didn't take any pictures of the weekend or Daniel's exhibit, but my mom and Amy took a few pictures of the happenings and you'll get see some of Daniels work if you follow those links.

I keep telling Daniel to start uploading pictures to his Flickr account so I can show them on my blog more often, but he's "too busy." I'm not buying it.
p.p.s. We met so many great people through the Altadena art exhibit and I can't wait to hang out with them all again. I think meeting new people is one of my favorite things in the world. That, and making people smile, I love making people smile.


Two exciting things

1. This totally awesome dresser from IKEA

Which I purchased yesterday...because I have way too many clothes & shoes. Is this a normal girl problem? I get the feeling that I am not the only one.

I have sooooo many shoes I had to put extra in a large storage bin...I even tossed a lot aside to give to Goodwill. RIDICULOUS!

Anyways I needed more places to shove clothes & junk. This works perfectly for that...if only Daniel would finish putting it together.

2. Daniel's in an upcoming exhibit in Altadena:

And when I say upcoming...I mean it starts this friday night.

And you should all show up for at least one of the three days. Daniel and I are going to try and be there for as long as possible each day.

Two exciting things, and we all know which one sounds the most exciting (the dresser obviously), but you should still go to the show because it will be so much fun & you'll support my favorite photographer D (Daniel).


Obsessing over the Louie Monster

Daniel and I are majorly attached to the new addition to our life, Louie.

He is absolutely perfect and he is constantly on my mind. He's brought a lot of joy into our life and makes us smile all of the time. We're totally in love with the little pooper (By the way, why do people always use that type of term to describe a dog? Daniel and I have been using it lately because it's just too ridiculous not to)

Overall he is a very well behaved puppy. Unless of course you happen to be watching him while Daniel and I aren't there...because he tends to get a little fussy and just wants us. Which is super sweet, I just feel bad for the person watching him at that time.

I took some pictures with my phone of the little guy, but I seem to only have pictures of him sleeping...which is pretty much how he chooses to spend his time. It might be the fact that it takes him longer to do things because of his little legs he just gets worn out faster...who knows...but its cute to see his sleeping face.

Louie sleeping in my bed...like he does every night
Yeah...I spoil him.

Daniel and I headed up to Las Vegas this weekend to visit some of Daniels family members. One of those family members (Daniels cousin Chris and his fiance Nicole) have Louie's brother Oliver. They also have a Yorkie named Layla. I happened to wake up one morning to them cuddling together.

Just two dogs and they're havin' a good time

Maybe I just enjoy sleeping dog photo's...like the one below of Louie passed out, paw in cupholder. He's been feeling independent lately and rather than lay in my arms on car rides, he's all about having the whole back of the car to himself. Sometimes he can't make up his mind and he goes back and forth, from front to back. I don't mind.

Today we left Louie in the care of Daniel's mom Julie. I think she's enjoying her time, trust me when I say his sheer cuteness will bring joy to your heart. His little legs will bring more joy and his floppy ears make your heart melt when they blow in the wind while he runs.
My favorite part about coming home from work is being able to see him recognize me, then totally flip out because I am finally there to hold him and play with him. He practically jumps into my arms with so much enthusiasm and nuzzles into my arms. What more can a girl ask for?

Again...Louie caught sleeping
(This picture taken today by Julie)


Death Valley

Just some pictures of parts of Death Valley.

Daniel and I decided that it was the most beautiful place we have ever been. Granted, we haven't been too many places, but the terrain alone will astonish anyone who goes there. Every where you turn it has a completely different texture or color.
It was an amazing and beautiful trip. Which I got to spend with my best friend. Who could ask for more?