And it all came to an end

So over the weekend Daniel and I came up with this bright idea to take control over the treacherous seas of clothes and junk which took over our room over a period of time. I think it was a success. We spent a majority of sunday on Daniels room, which I think turned out great. You can now walk in there without feeling like one wrong move might end up in your death. Monday was spent on my room, and when we were bored we would watch Venture Bros for a little bit. I really wish that I had taken before pictures, but I assume it will all go back to Messville soon enough. At least on my part, because a girl has to dig and throw around a lot of clothes before she finds THE perfect outfit for her day. I happen to do that a lot.

The weekend was also filled with family, garage sales, and exercising. I actually never thought I would say this, but I truly enjoy exercising. You could even say I love exercising. Daniel and I have been running a lot more lately and it's quite theraputic.

Today we are going down to Melrose to look for some workout shorts stores for Daniel because running in jeans isn't really ideal. Wish us luck that he finds the perfect pair!


Julie said...

Daniel's room does look great.
I know what you mean about throwing all your clothes around while you frantically find what you want to wear. I do that when I am going somewhere different than my normal routine.

Daniel is getting workout shorts??!! I will believe it when I see it. I think it is a great idea.

Daniel said...

Got em! They're Great!