Two exciting things

1. This totally awesome dresser from IKEA

Which I purchased yesterday...because I have way too many clothes & shoes. Is this a normal girl problem? I get the feeling that I am not the only one.

I have sooooo many shoes I had to put extra in a large storage bin...I even tossed a lot aside to give to Goodwill. RIDICULOUS!

Anyways I needed more places to shove clothes & junk. This works perfectly for that...if only Daniel would finish putting it together.

2. Daniel's in an upcoming exhibit in Altadena:

And when I say upcoming...I mean it starts this friday night.

And you should all show up for at least one of the three days. Daniel and I are going to try and be there for as long as possible each day.

Two exciting things, and we all know which one sounds the most exciting (the dresser obviously), but you should still go to the show because it will be so much fun & you'll support my favorite photographer D (Daniel).


D said...

thanks for the post about me. you do have a Ton of clothes and shoes, i would know, i helped you carry themback and forth. Love the dresser. if we have time we should finish putting it together tonight

Daniel said...

Beautiful dresser, incredible weekend