Weekend full of friends, family, and photography

I made it out of this weekend with the biggest smile on my face and feeling extremely inspired.

The gallery exhibit that Daniel was apart of in Altadena had such an incredible turn out. There had to have been 400+ people going through the gallery throughout the night. And Daniel and I are so happy that our friend Molly invited Daniel to put his work up. She did such an amazing job getting the whole thing set up and I know a lot of people in Altadena are very happy with the turnout as well. THANKS MOLLY!!!

Saturday night Daniel and I attended the opening reception of the Mysterium exhibit. We went to support Melanie Willhide. Her work was incredible. It was the first time Daniel and I have ever been to an exhibit where we knew someone who had work up...so it was extremely exciting for us.

We met so many amazing people that night and we can't wait to go to future exhibits and mingle with all the awesome people.

Sunday was the last day that the Altadena exhibit was open and the day that most parents showed up to check out their kids work. Daniel's family came + Joe and my mom and sister did as well.

We all went out to the Hat for lunch, which was delicious and probably made me gain like fifty pounds.

After we left the exhibit around 4pm, we went over to Mollys and checked out this little cutie:

It's not a great picture, but it will do. He is so cute and looking for a home actually...if anyone wants a sweet (potty trained) kitty, he's your man. Their neighbor just left him with other kitty's and the mom and took off for Norway...so sad. He's super sweet and playful and he has these really cute long legs and he walks like he's on stilts. I wish I could have him.

Anways, then Daniel and I went home and just let our bodies melt into jelly and became couch potatoes because we were so freakin exhausted from this weekend. It felt so right.

p.s. I didn't take any pictures of the weekend or Daniel's exhibit, but my mom and Amy took a few pictures of the happenings and you'll get see some of Daniels work if you follow those links.

I keep telling Daniel to start uploading pictures to his Flickr account so I can show them on my blog more often, but he's "too busy." I'm not buying it.
p.p.s. We met so many great people through the Altadena art exhibit and I can't wait to hang out with them all again. I think meeting new people is one of my favorite things in the world. That, and making people smile, I love making people smile.


daniel said...

it was an incredibel weekend! so many exciting events and met so many great people. very inspiring.

Also, thanks to everyone who came!