Happy Birthday to me

Just woke up 30mins ago & it's my birthday
All is good.

now where are all of my presents?!?!?!?!


Too many thoughts

I am becoming obsessed with my thoughts on my drives to & from work. I blame "thought obsession" on Daniel because he is the same way. Always staring off into the distance thinking about something, obsessing, so much thinking that he furrows his brows. It's made a big dent in-between his eyes, it's quite cute. I love that little dent.

Anyways, I've become completely obsessed with different ideas that they are all mashed in my brain trying to become real instead of just ideas. And that's when I have a heart attack because I feel like I will never be able to make anything become real. It's not because I am lazy...well...not that lazy. It's just I become overwhelmed & sometimes I wish I had just one idea that sparked my interest, instead of EVERYTHING sparking my interest. I want to do EVERYTHING imaginable, but I just don't think one person can do everything they want, create anything they want...I guess I just get flustered with not having a dream or a purpose or even a dream job.

I wish I could find my purpose...I'm turning 22 in three days and I feel like time keeps falling through my hands faster & faster & I'm just getting older & older and before I know it I will be 50 and still have nothing.

I think that I'm freaking myself out...and everyone always says I am still young enough to think about what I want, but am I? Really? Because I don't feel very young & I feel like time is running out. I want to do something I am passionate about & I am definitely not passionate about filing papers.

ARRRGGGHHH, stupid brain. Please shut up.
I am very happy though to at least have a million dreams instead of none at all.

p.s. I promised pictures of the worst sun burn in the world...here it is...

This makes me laugh because his arms are ridiculously dark. It hurts to look at. My poor sweetheart.



I had such a lovely & beautiful weekend.

- Daniel & I saw Shellac saturday & sunday night at the Echoplex.
- We went to the beach
- Daniel's belly turned this color...seriously (I need to take pictures):

- He's in A LOT of pain.
- Daniel & I played soccer.
- Daniel gave me my birthday present 10 days early.
- Amy & Andrew also gave me my birthday present early.
- I'll share more of what I got once it actually comes around.
- Amy also let me borrow a couple of books to read because I need something to do while I am bored at work (Thanks Amy!!)
- We ate menchies this weekend
- This was supposed to be a short list...
- Bye


Feeling Lethargic

I wish that I was at the beach with my darling Daniel...

...but instead I am here

at work.

feeling empty.

looking empty...

also looking like Spock from the new Star Trek movie

this is what he looks like.

I think that I just really need some sun...

please someone take me to the beach soon

I could soak in the sun for hours

I hate these moods..



On Sunday, we were walking up to the front of LACMA, & when you first walk up it looks like this. Totally awesome right?

So we kept on walking up when all of a sudden saw this:

Which the sight of that many beautiful bright colors made me the happiest person in the world...because bright colors makes the world go round...or something along those lines.

So at first glance I thought they were a bunch of paper lanterns & thought to myself how I wanted them even more now, but then we got closer...

..& closer...

& that's when we realized that it was all made out of plastic bowls, cups, tupperware, baskets...and so on. What a neat idea! I loved it so much & I totally didn't expect it to be what it was.

We had to wait for our friends to arrive, so we sat around a waited for a little & that's when I heard some comotion going on by the display & I turn to see a guy inside of it just walking around like he owns the place (there is clearly a guard around the thing so you know not to go in, as seen in picture one) & he has two ladies taking pictures of him & the LACMA security officer is yelling at the guy to get out NOW!

But the guy doesn't leave...& the group he is with is trying to explain that it's ok, but the security guy is a bit loud & isn't paying much attention to their pleas, but then they finally finish their sentence & it turns out the guy is the artist. "It's ok, he's the artist!!"

They probably should have let them know what they were going to do, but it made for a good show & it made my day.


Busy Sunday

Sunday morning I woke up around 8am...I don't think I ever wake up that early on weekends, but it was for a good cause. Daniel's older brother (Andrew) & his wife (Amy) needed help moving into their new place in Tarzana. Surprisingly I had a lot of fun moving boxes, but that probably has something to do with the fact that I love Daniels family and they make me laugh all the time.

After the move we met up with some friends and went to LACMA to have a look around at some of the galleries they had. Super fun. & then after because Japanese food sounded de-lish, we drove around Wilshire Blvd. for a little and stopped at the first place that said "Japanese Cuisine." Turned out to be soooo yummy.

The only thing that made my day a little less than stellar was the fact that I didn't get to see my sweet puppy Louie until 9:30pm...it made me super depressed and extremely homesick.

Because honestly, with a face like this it's almost impossible not to want him near you 24/7

Especially when grass is hanging out of his mouth.

p.s. Both Louie & I had a nuzzle-fest as soon as we saw eachother. It was a lovely moment that made my heart explode with happiness.


One of the 100 Reasons Why We Get Along So Well

We spend our time together being creative.

Which in turn inspires us to push the limits in all things artistic.

And it's really great when we are both extremely excited to work on similar projects, but with our own different personalities it's always fun to see which way the other will go. We mostly paint, draw, or make t-shirts together, but today we are going to try something new...

Me: Can we go to Michaels today? I have a craft idea
Daniel: Mos Def (I think he is going through a gangster faze...)
Me: I want to try to make a crazy wall clock. We should both make one.
Daniel: Sounds like an incredible idea. This is going to be fun!
Me: I love being creative with you.

Hopefully the outcome is pretty neat. I'll post pictures if it's not a disaster.


Friends Forever

Today is a very big day in our house because my little sister Brooke is graduating from the 8th grade today and next year she will be a freshman in high school.

This is her:

Isn't she adorable? I tend to think so.

Anyways, next year for her might be a little overwhelming at times (I know it was for me), and I want to be able to be there for her when she has any problems, because I've been there...done that....& hated it (just don't ask for math help). I know it will be a different story for Brooke though because she is such a dedicated student and really cares about her future (unlike me who wrote notes in class all day and day-dreamed about boys). BUT if you just so happen to have boy problems I am totally the best person to talk to about that....truuust me. BUT there shouldn't be any because you are far cooler than I ever could have been in high school & you'll most likely stay away from lame boys. (First high school adive: Don't date boys because they are a lame distraction)

Anyways, I know you'll do great in high school & make TONS of friends & have lots of fun. Just don't forget about me & don't be afraid to call when you feel like there is no one to talk to because I want to be there to help or just listen. I love you Brookie!!! Congradulations!

side note: Is it just me, or does it seem that everytime the school year ends the Vitamin C - Graduation (Friends Forever) song gets totally stuck in my head. I wonder how many schools are using this in their ceremony this year?


Sleepy Face

Daniel and I are absolutely in love with Louie and every dog, actually.

Whenever we see one we stare and say "awww" and "how cute" too many times to count. Then we have to go over and pet it. We are obsessed, and we decided that no matter what shape or size they are, they all have their own cute qualities and we want every single kind of dog...EVER.

So yeah...you could totally label us Dog Lovers.

p.s. those are my super white legs (how am I Mexican?) & that's one of Louie's favorite spots to sleep on car rides.

this is his other favorite:

too cute.