Confused & Lost

Things aren't making sense these days.
I'm finding out things I wish I never knew.

I wont go in to detail about everything, I just can't, but I also know that I can't have a blog right now. I'm unmotivated and unhappy with situations right now & I have nothing to say because I am too hurt & confused right now.

I might post a picture or two sometimes, but I really have no emotions right now & I just cant find any thing inside me that makes me want to talk (write) anymore. I just can't do it.

Until I finally feel ok...goodbye.


At least I have Lou

Daniel & Julie left for Bishop this morning.
I wont see him until tomorrow night (late night).
This is going to break our "seeing eachother everyday for the past 2 years" streak.
Oh well.
It's just a day and a half.
I will miss him lots, but...

At least I have Lou.

...ok, So I'm going to miss him like C R A Z Y!!! He's my best friend, the one who makes life seem easier (because I'm over-dramatic), he makes me laugh so much, and I am totally lost without him.

But I think I can manage not being with him for at least a day and a half........we'll see if I go insane.


Nothing compares to you

This combination is so delicious. Of course you can use any brand or typew of peanut butter. I love crunchy peanut butter the most.

Whats your favorite peanut butter? (so I know only my family reads this blog, but I am super curious for some reason) hahaha


Blah Blah Blah

Today's thoughts:

-Daniel makes me laugh so much
-Invite people over for Sat. BBQ
-I hope Daniel will have fun
-I hate bills
-Blogging is boring when there's nothing to say
-I'm the late one today
-I love 3-day weekends
-I can't believe that Daniel cant recognize an actor who just changes their hair color & length

-I love this boys face soo much.
-I also love when his is letting it all hang loose:

-UGH. I can't wait to get off work
-I love reading
-Thanks AMY!